Mrs. Brooke Firth

Greetings Moody School families and students. My name is Brooke Firth, and I am a special education teacher at the Moody. I work with 3rd & 4th grade currently, but I have taught students across the years in grades PreK-5. I am in my eleventh year teaching special needs students. 


I have always had a passion for education and learning, and my background in multiple disciplines has allowed me to work with a range of students and their unique needs. I enjoy recreating in the great outdoors and practicing martial arts with my husband and son. I also enjoy sharing my love of superheroes and reading with my students. 


I believe that every child has the potential to unlock and demonstrate their individual skill sets and strengths when given the opportunity and support needed for them to do so. I believe that together we can make learning enriching, meaningful, and exciting. With your support at home of your child, we as a team can set them up for a successful school year and for beyond.