Daley School Vision

  • By the time Daley Middle School students are promoted from 8th grade, they will perform at or above grade level in reading, writing, and math, with appropriate accommodations.

    As adult members of the Daley Middle School community, we are committed to:

    • Maintaining a high standard of professional accountability
    • Establishing a respectful, equitable regard for all disciplines
    • Cultivating a pervasive collegial and collaborative spirit
    • Improving effective lines of communication throughout the school
    • Demonstrating the belief that we are all responsible for all students

    As a community of learners, we believe in:

    • Providing a consistently safe, positive, and respectful school atmosphere
    • Sustaining an environment in which all students feel comfortable meeting high expectations
    • Encouraging all students to make and achieve positive personal and academic goals
    • Fostering student success through the use of effective effort strategies

    The Daley School vision statement was written with input from all faculty.  It sets out a clear goal as well as the conditions and core beliefs that underpin our efforts to meet it.  Our vision statement is a living document; not only have we produced an elaborated version complete with descriptors, we have operationalized our vision statement and can point to a variety of structures and practices that support each of its tenets. 

    Among the factors important to our improvement efforts is our longstanding commitment to three focus areas: literacy, mathematics, and high expectations.  Each staff member accepts the challenge of supporting each of these areas so that students apply literacy skills and math knowledge in each discipline, and so that students come to believe in their own sense of efficacy.                                                                                                                                   

    We believe that all of our students can learn at a high level, and that the adults in our school must persist in providing the right conditions for that to happen.  While at the Daley, students grow in responsibility for their own learning. They understand that their effective effort is the most important factor critical to their success. Students have a sense that their teachers care about them, believe in their ability to succeed academically, and won’t give up on them.