• SY 21 Robinson QIP


    The RMS community is inclusive wherein all students are present and are active members of the school community, living, learning, and leading in an environment of strong relationships. Stakeholders from all levels and the entire teaching staff bring their voices together in sculpting the vision for the ongoing success of the school.


    • High Leverage Goal 1: Employ strong collaborative structures that support ALL educators in the use of data to reflect on our practices and make changes to the implementation of our practices to support students.

    • High Leverage Goal 2: Every educator takes individual and collective responsibility and accountability for ourselves and among colleagues in what we teach and how we teach to ensure that all students learn.

    • High Leverage Goal 3: Build on student assets by engaging students at their readiness level and designing instruction (core, intervention, advisory) to move students along standards progressions to mastery.

    • High Leverage Goal 4: Create a culture and climate that values students and their backgrounds and results in engaging and meaningful learning opportunities for all students.