• May Meeting Minutes

    May 4th Attendance

    Principal: Liam Skinner  

    Parents: Sherri Geoffroy, Andrew Corbin, Lisa Caten 

    Teachers: Colleen Farrell, Lisa Gil, Aimee Sousa, Barbara Cambell 

    Community Representative: Stacy Szczesiul (UML) 

    Other: Hadeel Mousa (Daley para and parent) Sithra Lepoer (Guidance Counselor)

    1. Remote learning:  
    • For the first two weeks work was optional  
    • Approximaltely 70% of students are engaging in most of the subject areas. 
    • Approximately 30% are not engaging regularly.  
    • Students can do work assigned by the district and/or their teacher.  


    1. What is working well? What can we do better with remote learning?  
    • Some lessons were disjointed without check-ins or little explanation, it took some doing for some parents and students to locate assignment directions, links, etc.
    • One parent said the teachers respond within an hour if there is any issue.  
    • One parent said Choice Boards her child is receiving on Monday have been helpful in spreading out the work.  
    • More than one parent expressed concern regarding learning how to use Google Classroom for students and parents.  It would be helpful if parents were offered training in Google Classroom as well as Zoom or posted how-tos online.
    • Parents are encouraged to give feedback to teachers.  Daley students are getting more consistent and quality support than other students in Lowell.  


    1. What does re-opening look like?
    • Teacher cuts and budget constraints?  
    • Staggered start?  
    • LPS has been in calls with the Commissioner of Education. but we have no information yet.  
    • District has made no plans we are aware of yet


    1. Concerns about 8th grade: (scheduling, etc.)
    • We are being asked to wait on promotion activities, etc. The schools hope to be able to celebrate 8th grade promotion somehow perhaps in late August/early September.
    • Our staff has also not heard from high schools regarding the transition


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  • March 3/23/20 Meeting Minutes

    School Site Meeting 3/23/20 from 2:30 - 4:00pm

    March 23rd Meeting Attendance

    Principal: Liam Skinner  

    Parents: Sherri Geoffroy, Lisa Caten, Eleanor Bell

    Teachers: Barbara Campbell, Colleen Farrell, Lisa Gil, Aimee Sousa

    Community Representative: Stacy Szczesiul (UML) 

    Other:  Sithra Lepoer,  Hadeel Mousa



    1. Coronavirus shut down:  
    • Assessing what families need wifi/devices. 
    • Teachers union and admin still working on what remote learning will entail. 
    • Review of enrichment (district provided packets, I-Ready, teacher assigned enrichment.  Parents expressed desire for more teacher guidance with materials.
    • Parent members shared thoughts/ideas/concerns (worried about MCAS, packets not enough for some students, recommend continuing curriculum where they left off, appreciate additional enrichment assigned etc.) 


    1. Review of Budget Document: 
    • Review of FSF Fair School funding. 
    • Funding per student 
    • Review and discussion of line item for supplies, etc. 
    • Review of total budget presented by principal. Discussion followed. 
    • Consensus reached to move forward with the same budget as previous years. 
    • Council unanimously decided to add the amount of  $93,335 to our budget spreadsheet in the the ‘supplies' area.  This would give us the widest range of possibilities for how these extra funds should be spent.  The School Site Council could then discuss the use of those funds when school reopens. They would be available for supplies of any sort, technology, or stipends.  Although they could not be used to hire full-time staff, they could be used to pay for staff for after school programming, for instance, or for busses for our after school programs. 
    • 2020/2021 Daley budget was adopted.
    • Questions and Feedback


    Next meeting - May 4th @2:30 

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  • March 3/9/20 Meeting Minutes

    Notes of our 3/9/2020 meeting:

    In Attendance

    Principal: Liam Skinner  

    Parents: Eleanor Bell, Sherri Geoffroy, Kimirne Corbin, Lisa Caten 

    Teachers: Barbara Campbell, Colleen Farrell, Lisa Gil, Aimee Sousa

    Other: Hadeel Mousa (Daley para and parent)


    • Elect Co-chair. - Group elected volunteer Eleanor Bell 
    • Review School Site Council Guidelines (PowerPoint presentation, discussion)
      • What is a school council?  
      • What are the responsibilities? 
    • Review of Accountability Report for Daley School 

    ELA, Math, and Science achievement and growth scores. 


    Daley School Profile:  http://profiles.doe.mass.edu/general/general.aspx?orgtypecode=6&orgcode=01600315


    Accountability Report: 



    • Review of Daley School Improvement Plan (QIP). 


    • Review of Budget for 2020-2021 school year.  

    Discussion of budget spreadsheet from district; no additional funds expected for the Daley for 2020 -2021; principal not recommending staffing changes; discussion of how the library functions, impact of no library staff.


    Questions and Feedback 


    Next meeting date 3/23/20 from 2:30 - 4:00pm

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  • November Meeting Minutes

    November 18, 2019

    School Site Meeting Attendance Liam Skinner (Principal) Aimee Sousa (ELL lead teacher) Sheila Carroll (Instructional Specialist) Colleen Farrell (Math lead teacher) Elanore Bell (grandparent of grade 7 student) Sherry Geffroy (6th-grade mom)


    ● Member’s concerns/comments

    ● Facilities

    ● Accounts

    ● MCAS

    Members’ concerns/comments: No concerns from members. Comments include the school has a safe environment, really like the anti-bullying program and that bullying is addressed and rarely an issue. Members noticed the inspire recognitions and think the positive reinforcement a student confidence builder.

    Facilities: Building Maintenance Team - Rick Underwood.

    There is a problem with the facilities system and it needs to be repaired, there is no system for repairing anything (ie putting in a ticket). Some of our facilities issues include:

    ● Stairs

    ● Air conditioning (we have 24 air conditioners sitting in boxes in the basement).

    ● Heat/hot water (too much heat or not enough, no hot water in the building today).

    Bank accounts:

    Wheel-A-Bration Fundraising: Money is getting deposited as it is getting counted into the student activities account.

    PTO: We now have a bank account for PTO funds.

    MCAS: School report shared.

    Next Meeting Date is 1/13/20

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  • October Meeting Minutes

    October 7, 2019

    School Site Meeting Attendance Hillary Clark (5th-grade parent) Liam Skinner (Principal) Aimee Sousa (ELL lead teacher) Sheila Carroll (Instructional Specialist) Colleen Farrell (Math lead teacher)

    Review of 2019 MCAS results - achievement, growth, chronic absenteeism, and participation.

    Parent Liaison - Need for parent liaison.

    School Library - Cut library aides, tried to get parent volunteers, things are not working. The library is out of order.

    Student Activities Account: Ms. Clark will look into the possibility of opening a bank account in the name of Daley Middle School PTA.

    Facilities issues: Stairs, air conditioning.

    Next meeting dates: 11/18, 1/13, 3/9, 5/4

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