•                       Lincoln School Site Council
    Our School Site Council is a representative, school building-based, committee composed of the principal, parents, teachers, community members and, at the secondary level, students.
    Sharing Ideas


    Mrs. Ginger Coleman, Principal

    Mr. Frank Vicente, Assistant Principal

    Ms. Kim Lambourne, Parent Liason

    Mrs. Beth Gaspar, Parent

    Ms. Shaela Talbert, Parent

    Mrs. Rachel Margaglione, Special Education Teacher

    Mrs. Marikay Gurthrie, Physical Education Teacher

    Ms. Haela Booth- Food Corp.

    MACOM (various staff)

     Future Meeting Dates*

    January 16, 2020

    February 12, 2020

    March 19, 2020

    April 15, 2020

    May 21, 2020

    June 10, 2020

    *All meetings held from 3:00-4:00 pm

  • SSC Minutes December 2019

    Posted by Devon Mello on 1/6/2020

    1. Wall of Fame: now painted and ready for shelving to institute student of the month

    2. Attendance progress shows positive improvements with a chronic absenteeism decrease of 7% fromt he first reporting period, indicating home visits and relationship building from summer did have an impact. Of further note, the weekly attendance meetings are "catching students before their attendance is critical.

    3. Perfect attendance PE, moved to end of day on Monday's.  Further improvements in recording publicly which class is winning these will be addressed and tied into Grade level attendance board. 

    Next Meeting Agenda: January 16th

    1. Bike donations-raffle for students, for what purpose and how will they be won? They will be displayed in cafeteria

    2. Staffing needs-updates-planning for 2020-2021 SY

    3. iReady

    4. ACCESS testing

    5. Translations-ideas- suggestions-resources

    6. Student of the Month Breakfast/recognition

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  • SSC Minutes Review 19-20

    Posted by Devon Mello on 1/6/2020

    1. Monthly School Packet (1 newsletter to include all grade level information)

    2. Promote the Perfect Attendance extra PE class, so students/staff/parents completely understand why and how they are earning this.

    3. Grade levels and Allied Arts will sign up for 1 month to invite to invite families in to their classrooms for an event, project etc..(Wax museum idea) to occur during the school day- this will be presented at the next PD (May) and sign ups will occur on this date as well.

    4.  Student of the month breakfast with parents invited to occur 1x per month. One student per class to be recognized, dates pre-scheduled for year and posted on website, calendar.  Students' photos to be displayed in frames on a Wall of Fame in the front lobby, certificates to be given as well as goody bags at the event. Photos will be printed and sent home at the end of the month when new photos go up.  PTO (Kim and Beth) offered to print the photos for the frames and assist with the "breakfast" for students and families.

    5. Shelving for Wall of Fame and new seating/beautification of main lobby to be addressed to increase the appeal of the Lincoln school upon entering.  PTO to assist with design (?and funding)

     To Be continued from this year:

     1. Keep events in the evening similar to this year- do not inundate families with events every month as attendance at events this year have been significantly higher than in years past, both during the day and in the evening. (perhaps vary day of events to allow all families to attend at some time)

    2. Deepen understanding of attendance and correlation to the weekly drawing for the extra PE.

    3. Verify and record what each classroom has for a reward/PBIS system in place in their classroom. (ie.. as discussed-tickets, clip up system, raffles, marble jar, ten frame)

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  • SSC Minutes 10/25/18

    Posted by Devon Mello on 10/25/2018
    1) Our council will work on the USIP, Unified School Improvement Plan.  Kim will get baseline data regarding attendance from activities held last year.  (I see from previous minutes that attendance for the spaghetti dinner was over 20%.)
    2) We plan to review the MCAS data and other data to compare the performance of Lincoln School relative to other schools. 
    3) Next meeting, we will review and revise the Lincoln School Mission and Vision statement.
    4) A new student attendance incentive program will be instituted. It will award both class attendance and individual attendance. The winner(s) will be awarded a 30 minute gym prize. (Basically each class/individual will get an entry slip into a drawing for each day/week/month of prefect attendance, and then a class winner and individual winner will be drawn.) 
    5) The school will focus on holding special events (shows, celebrations, etc.) for K-4 during the school day in an effort to make it more convenient for parents/family to attend in order to boost attendance and support for our students.  The additional attendance/support should give the students a deeper sense of appreciation and greater self esteem. A flyer will go out next week in the November newsletter announcing a holiday show on Wednesday December 19, 2018. (correct date?).
    6) Third and fourth grade student volunteers will participate in a program mentoring Kindergarten and first grade students.
    7) The fourth grade class will make individual, personalized rocks to place in a walkway. Every year, the new 4th grade class will build upon the walkway. This will serve to give the students roots, bonding, pride, and a sense of belonging to something special for many years down the road.  
    8) Our next SSC meeting will be held Thursday November 29, 2018  at 3:00 PM
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  • SSC Minutes 9/15/17

    Posted by Devon Mello on 9/15/2017

      1.  The First Spaghetti Dinner / Open House was a huge success with over 20% participation.  We will consider ways to increase this even further. Mill City Grows did a new foods tasting for the kids.
      2.  The PTO finances were in good standing after several successful events with about $8, 000 in the bank. Some of the things that will be funded /partially funded by this money include Chrome books, double the computer carts to 15 per grade.
      3.  The 21st Century Program's summer session was full at 100 students (20 per grade). The 2017-2018 school year session had about 250 students applying for 100 spots, and is running well again. It was decided that the same students will remain in the program for the entire year instead of rotating it to maintain steady schedules for parents. The SSC should look at how we can increase the number of spots and get feedback on likes and dislikes.  In addition, the school is continuing with basketball, Chess, robotics and Angkor dance.
      4.  The arrival procedure was kept the same as last year.
      5.  The Mission Continues 9/9 Remembrance of 9/11 was well received and appreciated.  The SSC should discuss how we can thank them. Also, we are looking for other projects to do with them: beautifying the bathrooms, recreating the library, etc.
      6.  All unclaimed lost/found clothing from last year  will be donated after a final notice.
      7.  How can we do a strings project at Lincoln School?
      8.  Book needs: $4,500... Money from PTO, Macom, BINGO at Spooky Night.  Also need sound cards, technology funds through the district.
      9.  (The "Gentleman's Club" was not discussed. Is it still planned?)

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  • SSC Minutes 5/19/17

    Posted by Devon Mello on 5/19/2017

    1) The Lincoln School students, teachers and staff will have a professional group picture taken by  O'Connor's studio for presentation as a thank you gift to Macom.

     2) The garden team planned to meet with Mill City Grows to discuss the following:

    a) How to engage the community for use of 8-10 beds.

    b) The Lincoln school will have 5 beds. We will have to schedule families to care for them during the summer months. A schedule, instructions, etc. will have to be created.

     3) Upcoming events:

    a) The art show/ ice cream social was scheduled for Thursday 5/25.

    b) Scholastic book fair was scheduled for May 30 - June 1

    c) Team discussed ideas on how to capitalize on students' family strengths: There could be a hobby/career day with the  focus on 4th graders. Kim L. is looking into a spaghetti dinner.

     4) Next Year Plans

    a) Lincoln School will begin a Home Visit Program next year. The plan is for two teachers to go to homes (with kits) to train kindergarten students on how to study, etc. while involving the parents.

    b) Hold a Back to School Meeting with parents, students, teachers and staff on the first Thursday night: Have a pot luck and sign up sheet for 21st century clubs, etc.  Could also have a fire truck, movies, etc.

     5) There will be  Summer School and special clubs programs in the summer.

     6) New Procedures for Arrival Patterns for Next Year

    a) No morning clubs.

    b) Doors will open at 8:30 AM, no early admittance (bus schedule should be OK)

    c) We will have to coordinate drop offs, multiple breakfast stations, different entry doors.

    d) No drive through for arrivals/dismissals?

    e) How do we prevent parents, etc. from parking in teachers' spots

    f) Before/after school care- parents pay? CTI?

     7) Next/final meeting of the school year is scheduled for Friday June 16, 2017 at 2:45 PM.

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  • SSC Minutes 3/3/17

    Posted by Devon Mello on 3/3/2017

    1) Fundraising:

    (a) Lincoln School received excellent community support for the community reader week. 

    (b) The school's goals include fostering community partnerships.

    (c) The UNICEF fit bit activity bands championed ,by Marikay Guthrie , was greatly enjoyed by the students and benefited people in third world countries with much needed food.  It was a big success all around.

    (d) Approximately $5,000 was raised for books, sound system, etc. 

    (e) MaCom continued to be an exceptional sponsor for our school, donating additional items such as head phones. 

       ******Action Item: Create some type of "Thank You" gift from the students to MaCom- a collage of thank you cards, etc. ************

    (f) Kim Lambourne will update us in the next meeting on the completed Little Caesar's Pizza fundraiser and the ongoing Penny Wars.


    2) Community Garden:

    (a) Angel Delsol updated the committee on garden activities.  The garden will be expanded by 10 more beds. 

     ****Action Items: Decide on some early harvest vegetables to plant/harvest before summer vacation.  Show the students the progress under the plastic. Plan Field Day  garden activities.*****

    (b) We have to develop a plan to reach out to families on garden use. We might implement a red/yellow/green coding system to differentiate between school / community beds and availability, etc.

    (c) ***Action Item: Implement a plan to care for the garden over the summer -  develop a schedule of  families to work the garden weekly  )Training / tool storage to be identified) ****


    3) Safety Prevention Drill and Training to be defined by Marikay Guthrie (?)

    (a) Evacuation procedures, weather emergency training, meeting and reunification locations,  operations-based in house training are to be developed.

    (b)  The plans (alerts, reunification details) have to be communicated to parents.


    4) Parent Teacher Conferences- how do we improve parent participation? Some ideas include snacks/water tables in the hallways for waiting families. (Can we get sponsors for the food such as Market Basket, Target, etc.?)


    5) MCAS information session to be held on same day as the Parent Teacher Conferences.


    6) Spring Concert ***Action Item: Secure a larger venue  such as the Stoklosa School (verify with Olivia).


    7) Verify if the Cambodian New Year Celebration is Thursday April 13.


    8) Agenda for next SSC Meeting on Friday April 7, 2017 at 2:30 PM

    1. a) How do we increase summer reading (and math?)?
    2. b) Summer School?
    3. c) "Gentlemen's Club" - will be postponed to next school year due to time constraints on Sgt. Peaseley.
    4. d) Other items to be addressed?
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  • SSC Minutes 12/9/16

    Posted by Devon Mello on 12/9/2016

    1) Lincoln School is working with Mill City Grows to increase its number of garden beds. Families and restaurants (such as Simply Kmer) can use these garden beds to grow vegetables.  We had two Lincoln School parents, Angel and Alexis, volunteer to become active members of the Garden Coordinator Institute 2017. ( Applications are to be submitted.) Additional volunteers are welcome.


    2) The SSC watched a video on the original "Gentlemen's Club", now known as  "Boys with a Purpose".  The guidelines/curriculum for Lincoln School's version of this club were discussed, with officer Jose Santiago joining our team and giving valuable input. It was decided to limit the initial club to boys since the data indicates that boys are in serious trouble much more frequently than girls. The first group of boys will be selected using the criteria of those most at risk / in need of support by excellent role models.


    Some of the objectives, goals and scope of the Club were discussed and include the following: (a) Obtain appropriate clothing to give to the boys to be worn on specified days. (b) Line up speakers, role models, activities  for the boys to help build self esteem and character. (c) Establish an end of year "Mother-Son Dance"  (d) Build self respect and confidence within the boys and empower them to meet their maximum potential for a hopeful future. (e) The Club could be a safety net to help young boys that are most in danger - low self worth, low self regulation, no father at home or no positive father figure. (f) Help them identify something they are passionate about to focus on as a means to a successful future. (g) The club should be named during the next meeting; members are encouraged to suggest  names for the club. Presently, we have two suggestions, Young Executives  and Bright Futures,  and more are needed. 


    3) Our current after school programs include the 21st Century Program (paid for by the state) and the Lego Robotics Club, Chess Club and Basketball Clinic (all funded by the building budget??). These three programs will become part of the 21st Century Program. Some suggestions for additional after school programs included Arts and Crafts, Music/Dance, and Drama.  The SSC  has to identify and obtain teachers/leaders for these new groups. Some possible sources of teachers are UMass Lowell , LHS , and MCC students.


    4) The main methods of community outreach/communication to parents will remain  the Principal's Newsletter and FaceBook. To help inform more parents of  the Lincoln School site on FaceBook, we will put a sign outside the main entrance so that parents picking up/dropping off students can find out about it.


    5) To help support students' socio-emotional needs, Lincoln School is implementing a  "Self Regulation"  methodology.  A summary handout was distributed and is available to parents. In addition , there is more information on the school website, and the book will be available in the library. We should next decide how best to share this Self Reg with more families in the school. The teachers/staff went through Yoga training and have also implemented the Caught Caring / Active Problem Solver systems to help promote self regulation among students.


    6) Any donations for school families in need can be made to the school.


    7) The school still collects BoxTops although many parents may not know this. Put an announcement on FaceBook regarding BoxTops.


    8) The next SSC meeting will be  on Friday January 6, 2017 at 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM.  Future meetings can alternate between the 2:30 PM start time and the 7:30 AM start time , or may remain at the 7:30 AM depending on what the SSC decides.

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