• The mission of the Laura Lee Therapeutic Day School is to support students in building capacity in their social emotional development. We provide a safe environment combining core academic instruction with holistic learning opportunities where the members of our learning community can build new skills. We believe that prosocial behavior must be taught and practiced for students to internalize growth. The Laura Lee Therapeutic day school aims to support and challenge students to evolve in all areas of their personal development.

    Guiding Principles:

    ● All students have the capacity to be successful in a well-structured learning environment with appropriate supports in place to meet their needs.

    ● Students are most responsive to an environment that prioritizes consistency in all facets.

    ● The establishment of Social Norms as a baseline for general expectations throughout the school community is a primary component to the success of our students and staff of the Laura Lee Therapeutic Day School.

    ● Skills and Norms need to be taught to our students to produce the highest level of positive outcomes for everyone.

    ● A Strengths Based approach supported by a Collaborative and Proactive Solutions Model provides a therapeutic methodology for working through daily challenges as they arise for all members of our learning community.

    ● The goal for all Laura Lee students is to develop the skills and strategies necessary to progress towards a less restrictive learning environment.