• Vision and Core Values 

     The John J. Shaughnessy Elementary School is a learning community of students, staff, and families with a focus on student academic and personal success. We emphasize essential academic standards while challenging students to reach their highest level of personal development. Our school is an atmosphere which encourages positive student strengths, self-advocacy and communication. We are actively involved in the learning process and practice the intrinsic motivation to succeed. Through the effort and commitment of our team, John J. Shaughnessy School students will be life-long learners and responsible citizens.

    We believe that all members of our community should practice being active learners who are safe, high achievers who are accountable, respectful, and kind. We believe that by collaborating and using a growth mindset, we can work towards being our best SHARK selves. 

    Core Values

    • A high quality education is a fundamental civil right of every child we serve.
    • Teaching and Learning are at the core of our work.  Everything we do must support what happens in the classroom.
    • Parents are our partners.  They are our students’ first teachers in the home.
    • There is no silver bullet to improving our schools.  Sustainable school improvement requires hard and steady work over time.
    • Every adult in the system is accountable for the success of our students. Putting every child on a path to college and career success is the responsibility of the entire community. 


  • Shaughnessy Sharks are Safe, High Achieving, Accountable, Respectful, and Kind Students.