Regular and punctual school attendance is essential for success in school.  Students benefit not only from teacher instruction but also through interaction with peers.  Attendance is one of the few factors that is within a student’s and parent’s or legal guardian’s control.  Students must be in school punctually and regularly in order for successful learning to take place.  Parents and legal guardians are partners with the school in ensuring that students have excellent attendance and attend school in accordance with state law and Department of Education regulations.

    Parental Notification 
    To alleviate the concern for a child being lost because of truancy, etc., parents are requested to call the school by 8:00 a.m. (978-275-6330 x0) if a child is going to be absent or late for any reason. This call will keep the school parent liasons from making unnecessary calls to check on missing children.
    Absences From School
    The Stoklosa Middle School defines absences as belonging in one of three (3) categories: documented, excused, and unexcused absences. When returning to school, the student must take responsibility to make up missed work when appropriate.

    Attendance Procedure:
    1. Parents please call us when your child is absent so that we know that your child is home safe. 
    2. The Stoklosa and Lowell Public Schools staff will call daily on absentee students.
    3. The Social Worker/Parent Liaison or School Resource Officer will do a home visit if we don't hear from you and can't reach you by phone.
    4. Please provide medical notes when your child is seen by a doctor to excuse their absence.
    5. If a student is chronically absent without a medical note we will invite you in for a meeting to see how we can improve your child's attendance and support engaging them in school.
    6. If absences continue, we also involve the Lowell Public Schools' Attendance Officer for AIM (attendance intervention meetings).
    7. A last resort is to involve the courts when students are missing school excessively.


    Let us work together to help your child be successful in school!