• Dates: July 6-31, 2020.
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    Programs offered:

    Stoklosa Student News with Mrs. Leary
    Stoklosa Student News

    All students will learn basic reporting skills including: How to brainstorm news stories for your audience, how to interview, how to write a news story, and how to add a multimedia component. After the first 2 weeks where all students learn the basics above, students will be provided with roles based off their areas of interest. This will include: Editors (leadership roles), Cartoonists (students who love to draw), news reporters (students who enjoy taking videos), journalists (students who love to write), and designers (who enjoy web design). The program will start off teacher guided with a general release of responsibility onto the students. By the end of the summer program, students will have developed a multimedia newsletter/website to be shared and published with the Stoklosa community. 

    Kitchen Chemistry with Mrs. Kanellas

    Join this program to discover all the different experiments that you can try with things from your house!  You will have many fun science experiments to choose from and you will also get to make many interesting creations! EXPLORE YOUR CURIOSITY!!

    Arts & Crafts with Mrs. Rowsell

    Students will join me on Zoom for the daily craft presentation and directions. I will provide a list of materials and give a step by step tutorial of the process for kids to follow. We will check in at the end of the program to share our crafts with the group. Students will pick up labeled, weekly bags of craft supplies/materials on Friday at the school.

    Online Board Games with Mrs. Moore
    Board Games

    Miss spending time with friends? Join Board Games Connections to explore and create board games you can play with friends and family on Zoom or Facetime. The perfect Social Distancing Solution to Boredom.

    Guitar Camp with Mr. Warnick

    Summer Guitar Camp
    Students will be given a guitar of their own to learn the fundamentals of playing the guitar. You will be learning different notes and how to read basic music!

    STEM and STEAM with Mrs. Johnston


    STEM and STEAM is a fun and exciting summer program filled with hands-on projects that ignite our middle school students’ imagination, encourages independent thinking, and deepens STEM learning. Make marshmallow towers, use Minecraft in Scratch, engineer musical instruments, live virtual coding, explore ChromeMusicLab, make digital art, build your mechanic skills and so much more! Students will join me everyday on GoogleMeet for daily science, technology, engineering, art, math and music presentations and 1:1 instruction. We will video record our projects each day too. Students will receive a list of materials and be provided with step by step online instruction. I can't wait to see what YOU discover! SIGN UP QUICKLY!