• 21st Century Summer Program

    When: Monday, July 10th through Friday, August 4th


    Time: 7:20 AM - 10:50 AM.


    The schedule each day will be as follows:


    7:20-7:35- Homeroom/Breakfast

    7:35-9:05- Class 1

    9:05-10:35- Class 2

    10:35-10:50- Lunch/Dismissal


    Two of the Fridays, students will be traveling for a field trip off site. Please be sure to fill out the section that gives them permission to travel off site on those days. 




    Students must be dropped off or walk each morning and picked up or walk home upon dismissal.


    There will be a total of 8 classes offered!


    Fun with Fitness- Join Mr. Caravoulias and Mr. Shupe in the gymnasium to practice team building skills while learning and playing a variety of sports! Each day you will practice and play a different sport and compete with and against your classmates!


    Cooking- Mrs. Jewer and Mrs. Bouchard are back again this Summer exploring recipes from different cultures around the world! You will choose recipes and prepare them from scratch each day while learning the importance of safety in the kitchen!


    Arts & Crafts- Come hang out with Mrs. Rowsell where students will create works of art using different mediums and techniques such as tie dye, watercolors, glass painting, fluffy slime, and much more. They will develop fine motor skills and this class will encourage self-expression while allowing students to socialize and enhance decision making skill!


    Minecraft- Are you a new Minecraft fan looking to explore new ideas? Or maybe a Minecraft expert looking for a new challenge? Either way, the Minecraft club is for you! This class will offer you a chance to participate in individual and collaborative challenges, refine your skills and test some new ideas. Join Mrs. Mendes to share what you know and learn from other Minecrafters.


    Green Dragon Archery- With the Green Dragons program we bring the traditional skills of archery to the Stoklosa. We favor a natural setup using wood bows and feathered arrows shot right off the rest or the hand: no sights, no stabilizers. We also play Archery Tag where archery meets martial arts and combat strategy.


    Crochet- Are you looking for a new hobby that is relaxing and that you can learn in a social


    environment? If so, Crocheting and Macrame is the place for you. In this class,
    you will learn the basics of crocheting and macrame and you will use these skills
    to create projects of your choice. Learn how to make bookmarks, bags, scarves, amigurumi, and more with these addictive crafts.



    Board Games- Games offer students opportunities to develop many skills including but not limited to critical thinking skills, socializing away from social media, compromise, sharing, dexterity, and learning to win and lose the right way. You can choose the games you would like to play with your friends and Mrs. Boyd!


    Art Class- Join Ms. Sarin to practice art in a number of ways! You can paint, use watercolor, create unique types of art using a variety of materials to express your creative side! All skill levels are welcome to join!