• My name is Mrs. MacLeod and I'm an 8th grade science teacher. I started teaching in Lowell, in 1999, at the Rogers School. I was there teaching science for 14 years, until it closed, now, however, reopened as the STEM School. I went to the Robinson for one year, also teaching science. The next year, I moved to the Stoklosa, and have been here for the past 6 years. I've spent my 21 years here in Lowell, and always teaching science. I am passionate about science and take it seriously and expect cooperation and effort in return. I give respect and expect it back! Ok, to the good stuff!

    We will be studying Chemical Interactions, focusing on the periodic table, atoms, compounds, physical and chemical changes, to list a few. Later, we will move onto Heredity and Adaptations, looking far back into the history of life through fossils. We'll even look at owl pellets! We'll also learn to do punnett Squares and look at (pretend) Larkey's and predict their appearance based on their genotype! We will then move on to Gravity and Kinetic Energy, where we will learn to apply some formulas like speed, velocity, distance. Also we will look at a few of Newton's laws and how they apply to us! Throughout the year we will be doing some labs, which take seriousness and focus. Students will be sent home with a "contract" on how to conduct oneself during these labs, it will be signed by the student and parent/guardian. Last year the science field trip was to the Boston Aquarium. Students will take the 8th grade MCAS standard test, Science and Technology/Engineering in mid May. We will at the end of these tests, be doing a few fun engineering projects; A marble maze and a create your own product challenge. I look forward to having a successful, productive, engaging, hands-on, academic year with you! And yes, I know,  it to be fun as well!


    Mrs. Kirsten Macleod
    Grade 8 Science

    Stoklosa Middle School
    560 Broadway St. Lowell, MA
    978-276-6330 ext. 59430