• Welcome to First Grade!


    The month of January has been jam-packed with all kinds of new and exciting learning for our First Grade students.  In Reading Workshop, students have been reading lots of non-fiction texts.  Some of the standards addressed have been:  Identifying the main topic and ask and answer questions of the text, know and use text features (Table of Contents, Boldface words, Diagrams with labels), and identifying new facts and interesting information from a non-fiction text.  The next round of reading testing will be happening in the month of February for all First Grade students.  

    We have also focused our Interactive Read Aloud lessons around non-fiction texts.  Some of the topics have been:  reindeer, frogs, spiders, Martin Luther King, and Ruby Bridges.  

    In Writing Workshop, students have been working on All About books in which they have chosen their own topics.  Our first graders are experts on lots of different things!  Students have completed one book and have started writing their second book this week.  We will have a First Grade Writing Celebration on Friday, February 12, 2016.  Parents are invited.  

    In Math, students have been working on many different skills such as:  solving equations and word problems with a missing addend (such as 5 + ? = 9), adding and subtracting 10 from a 2-digit number, place value (25 has 2 tens and 5 ones) and counting sets of dimes and pennies.  The next Math Module test will be given the week of February 8th.  

    Along with all this great learning, we also had an in-school presentation by the Action Children's Discovery Museum on the topic of weather.  Students were able to make clouds out of shaving cream!  

    Reminders:  students should complete and return homework Monday - Thursday.  We have been going outside for recess most days.  Please make sure your child is dressed for the weather with a coat, hat, and mittens.  We thank you for your continued support.  

    --First Grade Team