•  Welcome to Second Grade! 


    Happy New Year!  We are so excited to be back at school and in the swing of things.  We were pleased to see that many students completed vacation packets.  Thanks for all your continued support with homework.  It really makes a difference.  

    Our Second Grade students have been working hard reading non-fiction books.  They have been thinking and jotting about what they know and what they wonder about.  As your child reads at home, please encourage them to ask questions and tell you what they're learning.  

    Our Second Grade writers have been writing their own All About books.  They each took the time to pick the topic that they were interested in.  Some of the topics include the Murkland School, football, breakfast, and winter.  Some students are even writing about their home country like Ghana, Vietnam, and Egypt.  Please look forward to getting an invication for our writing celebration later this month.  

    To start the New Year in Math, we started doing a lot of work around story problems.  We will continue working on this skill throughout this whole month.  Students are practicing visualizing to help them decide what is happening in a story, and how they need to solve.  We will be moving towards solving 2-step story problems in the coming weeks.  During this module, we are also working on hundreds, tens, and ones.  

    We continue to look forward to having a "wonder" filled winter without too many snow days.  Please continue sending your child to school bundled up with winter jackets, hats, and mittens because we still try to go out for recess.                

    --Second Grade Team