• The temperature has dropped, so Murkland has been staying cozy and creative in the art room.  All grade levels began a unit on the forest, particularly hibernating animals and tree making.  The goal of this unit is to provide visual and a little scientific background knowledge on local forests before we take our annual Dracut State Forest field trip in the spring.  Simultaneously, we are learning about color mixing, color schemes, and more painting techniques.  

    Fourth and third graders are creating magnificent birch trees on paper using popsicle sticks to smear and scrape realistic stripes, resulting in really amazing tree trunks and branches.  Birch trees are the "zebras" of the tree family, afterall.  We also learned how to make giant decorative snowflakes out of ordinary white lunch bags.  

    Second graders created neutrals using the complimentary colors and are using the paper to make brown, black and golden bears.  We learned how to draw the bears using circle stenciles and curved lines.  K, 1st and even some of the older students had tones of fun making paper plate hedgehogs.  Now they are ready for a long winter nap!  

    All studetns have been enjoying the yoga circles borrowed from Miss Sue Hrciga.  We use the circular yoga mats to establish a spot and have a movement break before starting the lesson.  It's a great way to get into a creative mood!  

    Lastly, I'd like to congratulate the 4th Grade class on their artistic achievement at UMass Lowell this month.  Every 4th grader created a Martin Luther King, Jr. themed painting that went on display for ULowell's annual MLK dinner on January 26th in the University Crossing building.  The art will be up until the end of February.  

    Four Fourth Graders in particular were honored to receive awards at the dinner:  Soreiya Mao in First Place, Nysaiah DeJesusin Second Place, and a tie between Emily Sarith and  for Third Place.  Congratulations Fourth Graders!  I'm so proud of your hard work!  Keep it up!!  

    --Miss D'Angelo