• Welcome to Third Grade! 


    During September, students take some time remembering what Reader’s Workshop is all about. Students take time to remember how readers choose Just Right Books, jot their thinking, and discuss books with their friends. This year, students wasted no time in remembering their reading habits! Beginning in October, students began thinking more deeply about characters, their actions, and their motivations. Students began thinking about a character’s feelings and traits by what the character said or did. Please take some time to discuss with your child what character traits he or she learned about a character in one of their favorite books.

    During our first math unit, students made progress in solving one-step and two-step story problems by thinking about different problem structures such as joining, separating, and comparing. Students did a good job in using all of our story problem steps. Please take some time and discuss with your child the steps he/she takes in solving story problems. Students also had the opportunity of  “inventing” their own definition of rounding and estimating. Students were challenged to think about the reasonableness of their answers in a story problem. Please take some time to discuss what reasonableness means with your child.

    Our grade 3 writers took their first steps in writing personal narratives. We will return to writing personal narratives later on this school year. Students chose small moments from their lives and completed their first personal narratives that included an interesting lead, details about their small moment, and dialogue. Students were able to write small moments they shared with friends, family, and teachers. Please take some time to discuss with your child what small moment they wrote about. Writers have also written personal essays. Each writer thought of an opinion they felt strongly about and were able to write three reasons that supported their thesis. Please take some time to discuss with your child his/her thesis and three reasons for their thesis.

    Our grade 3 scientists explored and experimented with water and other earth materials. They discovered how water moves on different surfaces and learned about the different properties of water. Students even made their very own thermometer to measure the temperature of water. Students are able to discuss how water is absorbed or repelled by different materials. Please take some time to discuss your child’s new learning. 

    --The Third Grade Team