Abisi Adult Education Center is an official Test Center for both the GED and HiSET Tests. 

    Due to the pandemic, we are CLOSED at this time.

    Testers currently have two options:

    • In-Person Testing Appointment(s) at another Massachusetts Test Center.  Test Centers that have reopened are listed on the Dept of Education/HSE Page.  When scheduling an appointment, adjust the number of miles you are willing to travel from home to see the most options.
    • Remote Testing Appointment.  These tests are taken on a personal computer and proctored remotely.  GED and HiSET require a desktop or laptop equipped with a microphone, speaker or camera; and a private testing environment. 
    • There are some differences between the test's requirements.  For specific more information regarding each test, please to to their website:  GED Remote Information  or HiSET Remote Information
    • comparison of the Remote Tests can be found here (scroll down)

    Scheduling an In-Person or Remote test is done through your personal account.  To create an account go to GED or HiSET websites.