• How do I earn my High School Credential?

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    A complete explanation can be found in this Vimeo video.

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  • What's the difference between the GED and the HiSET? Which test should I take?

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    - The tests are comparable in terms of difficulty, but there are some differences in format.  The GED is only available on the computer.  HiSET offers the option to test on paper or on the computer.  Testers are encouraged to compare the tests to determine which is the better option for them. 

    - Successful completion of either test, or a combination of the subject tests from both exams,  will result in earning a Massachusetts High School Credential.  This credential is viewed as the equivalent of a high school diploma by virtually all colleges and employers.  However, if you are considering joining the military, check with your recruiter to see if that branch has specific entrance requirements.  

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  • Do I have to take classes in order to take the exam?

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    No, in Massachusetts testers are not required to take classes before high school equivalency testing.      

    However, for those who would like formal preparation, we offer classes to Greater Lowell Residents.  In addition to test preparation,  our classes include college and career readiness and technology instruction.  Graduates are eligible to participate in our annual graduation ceremony and may be eligible for scholarships to help them further their education or vocational training.

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  • Can I take the exam if I am under 18 years old?

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    - Yes.  However, before you can schedule a test appointment,  the Department of Education (DESE) must review the Letter of Withdrawal from the last school you attended.  Follow the steps listed HERE.  

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  • When do scores expire?

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    - Currently, there is no expiration date for the scores of either the GED or HiSET subject tests.

    - Test scores on earlier versions of the GED, expired December 31, 2013.   Therefore, scores from the older version of the GED Test can not be combined with the current version.

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  • What identification can be used for the tests?

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    - You must bring a current, government issued, photo ID for each test session. 

    - Acceptable IDs include: Passport, Driver's license from any state, State issued ID card, National ID and Military ID.

    - We CAN NOT accept an expired ID, photocopies or a picture on a phone, or an ID that does not match the Candidate's account name or birthdate. 


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  • When are testing dates?

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    GED Testing  and HiSET Paper Testing:

    - Friday Evening/Saturday morning:

    January 20th/21st

    February 10th/11th

    March 3rd/4th

    March 31st/Apr 1


    HiSET Computer Testing -  One subject test may be scheduled these Thursday afternoons at 12:30pm: 

    January 12th

    February 2nd

    March 2nd

    April 13th


    GED Computer Testing - Math, Science or Social Studies may be scheduled on these Thursday afternoons at 12:30pm:

    January 26th

    February 16th

    March 16th

    April 27th





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  • Are Special Accommodations available?

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    - Yes.  Testers with documented disabilities or health related needs must apply directly to the test vendor to request special accommodations.  Once approved, the test vendor will work with the testing center and candidate to schedule testing appointments.

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  • What formats and languages are available for the test?

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    - HiSET testers have the choice to take each subject test on paper or on computer,  as they wish.   There is a slight difference in cost between the formats.  

    At our Testing Center, HiSET Paper and Computer test appointments are offered at different times. 

    At our Testing Center, HiSET paper based tests are only available in English.  If you wish to take the test in Spanish, check here to find a Testing Center that offers them.  

    -The GED test is only available on the computer.


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  • What happens if I fail a subject test?

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    Both the GED and HiSET offer two retests for each subject at a reduced cost.  Please see each test company's website for their complete retest policy.

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  • Any other helpful tips?

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    - Remember, you must have a current, government issued ID in order to test!  We can not accept photocopies or pictures on your phone. 

    - It is helpful to bring your Test Appointment Confirmation, in case there is a problem with your appointment.

    - Our Test Center will supply all necessary testing items, including a handheld calculator.

    - All phones, electronic devices and wrist watches will be collected during the testing and returned when you have finished testing for the day.  

    - Hats and hoods may not be worn during testing.

    - There is limited storage space available at the Test Center.  We recommend that you bring as few personal items as possible.

    - Parking information can be found HERE.  



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