School Site Council Meeting Notes

  • School Site Council & PTO

    Tuesday, March 5, 2019



    Attendance:               Keliann Woodlock                              Ester Lan

                                       Pat Morasse                                      Holly Dauwer

                                       Amanda Chhouy                                Ashley Nanthavong


    Agenda and Notes:


    1. Facilities Update


    Of the Morey’s Top Ten Facilities Issues, several items have been addressed completely or are in the process of being fixed.


    Elevator:  repaired in late August and has been working with incident

    Concrete issues:  Wilder Street side stairs and walk have been complete redone; still waiting to repair the concrete pad at the handicap spots in the small front lot

    HVAC System:  The DPW has been to the school many times and the City will be replacing the system’s controls this spring.

    Exit Doors:  The DPW repaired the Rm. 101 exterior door and work orders are in for others.

    Lighting:  The lighting contractor has changed out all of the lighting fixtures to LEDs. 

    In Progress:  Mice, Crosswalks and Traffic Flow

    Outstanding Issues:  Boiler room, fence around play yard



    1. Fundraising Efforts

    Princeton Station         $280

    UML Hockey               $200

    Gift Cards                   $994

    Chuck E. Cheese       $783


    1. Upcoming Events/Expenditures

    Cultural Celebration “This Is Us”-March 22

    Chipotle Fundraiser – May 7

    School Dance—chaired by Ms. Dauwer; Mr. Chhouy will donate his deejay skills for the event—will schedule for May


                            Student Activities Funds for the following trips (buses and/or admission):

    • Grade 4: Tsongas Industrial History Center and Camp Massapoag
    • Grade 3: Tsongas Industrial History Center
    • Grade 2: Farmer Dave’s and Pollard Memorial Library
    • Grade 1: Stone Zoo and Aquarium
    • Kindergarten: Drumlin Farm


    Student Activity Funds for the following programs:

    • Bingo for Books
    • Scholastic News
    • Perfect Attendance Parties
    • Magic Show
    • Pottery projects
    • Biography presentations (Helen Keller & Sally Ride)
    • Healthy Nutrition Show with Robert Rivest
    • Garden & Farm to Table Sessions


    1. School Goals
    • Literacy
      • Letter Identification
      • Phonics
      • Reading


    We are in the process of analyzing reading data, since we are 2/3 of the way through the school year.  At this point, most students are on target to meeting expecting reading growth.  We have identified students who need specialized instruction and/or intervention in specific areas and will monitor those students’ progress in April.


    1.   Brainstorm Goal Setting for Next Year

                We continued this item until the next meeting.


    The PTO will meet on April 9, 2019 at 5:30.

    The SSC will meet on May 14, 2019 at 5:30.




    School Site Council

    Tuesday, November 27, 2018

    5:30 - 6:30

    SSC Members Present:

    Kathleen McLaughlin, Principal          Pat Morasse, Teacher             Maggie Notopoulos, Community Partner 

    *Please note that the Citywide Parent Council scheduled their meeting at the same time, so the parent representatives went to that instead.


    Please see the attached PowerPoint of the data analyzed at this meeting.

    Data PowerPoint 



    School Site Council

    Tuesday, October 2, 2018


    SSC Members Present:

    Kathleen McLaughlin, Principal                 Ester Lan, Parent

    Keliann Woodlock, Assistant Principal       Ashley Nanthavong, Parent

    Pat Morasse, Teacher                              Maggie Notopoulos, Community Partner 

    PTO Members Present:

    Holly Dauwer       Monirith Chan

    Vichea Bau          Kimseng Sim

    Sophea Heng       Tiffeny Brow

    Sokhom Sam 


    1. Introductions


    1. The purpose of a School Site Council

    The definitions and requirements we discussed can be found at the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s website at 

    1. The purpose of a PTO

    The definitions and ideas we discussed can be found at the national PTO’s website at: 

    1. Recruiting members/board members

    Ester Lan and Ashley Nanthavong volunteered to be the parent representatives on the School Site Council. 

    Tiffeny Brow, Ashley Nanthavong, Ester Lan, and Holly Dauwer volunteered to be on the PTO Board.  Sophea Heng also volunteered to be active on the PTO. All of the other families said that they would help out in any way that they could and come to the meetings.  There were also 2 parents who could not come to the first meeting, but would like to be involved. We will include them on the emails (Becky Timoney and Rhiannon Royal). 

    1.   Goal Setting

    Our next School Site Council meeting will be on Tuesday, November 27th at 5:30.  We will look at school data and our school literacy goals.

    Our next PTO meeting will be Tuesday, October 16th at 5:30.  We set a goal to start with one fundraising activity and one family night activity.  For the next meeting, PTO members will research different fundraising possibilities to make a fundraising plan for the year.