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Update on In-Person Seat Assignments

September 24, 2020


Dear Lowell Public Schools Families,  


We are looking forward to welcoming all of our PreK-12 students who received an in-person seat assignment via the lottery into school buildings on Monday, September 28. This letter is to inform you that all in-person seats have been fully assigned. If you received an email confirmation for an in-person seat, please plan to attend school in-person on Monday. All other students should plan to continue with remote learning.  

The waitlist and appeals lists will be revisited and reassessed again starting Monday, October 5th to determine whether any new assignments of in-person seats or declines of in-person seats will be accepted.  


Also, please be reminded that per this year’s transportation policy changes, transportation eligibility is for students in grades 1-6 who live two or more miles from their assigned school. Students in grades K, 7th and 8th do NOT qualify for transportation this year. Some exceptions include students who have transport included within their Individualized Education Plan (IEP), 504 plan or as part of their McKinney-Vento services. All students who meet the eligibility requirements for transportation this school year have been mailed transportation passes via US postal service. All other students who have NOT received a pass will be responsible for family-provided transport to school for in-person seat assignments. If you believe you are eligible for transportation this year and haven't received your transportation pass in the mail, please call the transportation office at (978) 674-4333.

Also, please have a conversation with us if your housing is insecure or if you are facing homelessness.  You can contact a McKinney-Vento specialist at (978) 429-7959.