Any other helpful tips?

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- Remember, you must have a current, government issued ID in order to test! 

- We can not accept expired IDs or IDs that don't match your name and/or birthdate, photocopies or pictures on your phone. 

- It is helpful to bring your Test Appointment Confirmation, in case there is a problem with your appointment.

- Our Test Center will supply all necessary testing items, including a handheld calculator.

- All phones, electronic devices and wrist watches will be collected during the testing and returned when you have finished testing for the day.  

- There is limited storage space available at our Test Center.  We recommend that you bring as few personal items as possible.  

- Hats and hoods may not be worn during testing, except for religious reasons.

- Candidates must demonstrate that they have nothing in their pockets and allow their eye glasses to be inspected.

- Parking information can be found HERE.