• School social workers aim to help students grow socially and academically. Depending on the student, they may do this by helping students resolve issues like bullying, school absences, and other conflicts using the background and fundamental elements of the "Open Circle" Social Emotional Program. They may also help students cope with disabilities, behavior management, and mental health issues. Please feel free to contact our School Social Worker if you have any questions or concerns that you would like to discuss.

    Mrs. Arlene De La Luz - School Social Worker

    Email: adelaluz@lowell.k12.ma.us

    Phone: (978) 937-2871 ex. 47857; (978) 454-7263


    Mrs. Kim Teague-Power - School Social Worker

    Email: kteaguepower@lowell.k12.ma.us

    Phone: (978) 937-2871 ex. 47857; (978) 454-7263


    McAvinnue's "Open Circle" Curriculum 

    Classroom teachers implement the grade-differentiated Open Circle Curriculum during twice-weekly, 15-minute Open Circle Meetings. Students form a circle of chairs, including an empty seat to symbolize that there is always room for another person, voice or opinion.

    Open Circle Meetings are also a familiar and safe setting for children to discuss important issues in their classroom, school, local community or the broader world. Open Circle lessons are highly interactive, incorporating large and small group discussions, role playing, community-building and mindfulness activities and practices, and high quality children’s literature. Teachers and counselors also use the Open Circle Curriculum in their work with students who require additional, targeted instruction. The Open Circle Curriculum is designed for implementation by current and past participants in Open Circle’s Classroom Teacher Program.

    For more details and examples of our curriculum download the following materials (pdf links):

    The 2019 edition of the Open Circle Curriculum includes updates across all lessons, a new unit structure, and a greater emphasis on reflection and assessment. 

    Open Circle Table