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2022 Kathryn P. Stoklosa Knowledge Bowl

What a night!  In a nail-biter match that came right down to the speed round, the Daley School earned the title of 2022 Knowledge Bowl Champions.  The final scores are as follows:
Robinson 225
Wang 230
Daley 285
Congratulations to the Daley team and their coaches Marsha Downey, Karen Miranda, and Terry Watterson for their efforts.  We also want to thank Karen Cole and Alison Kuzara , coaches for the Wang, and Kathie Watkins, coach of the Robinson team for a job well done!
Many thanks to our judges, Dr. Boyd, Mayor Chau, and School Committee member Connie Martin for supporting our students.
Coming up, all three schools will send representative team members (4 students from the Daley team and 3 each from the Robinson and Wang) to the Greater Lowell Regional Knowledge Bowl in early June (dates TBD).  Lowell's team will compete against teams from Dracut, Tyngsboro, Tewksbury, Chelmsford, and Billerica.  Stay tuned for more info!
Here's to a great month of "March Madness" - it was so wonderful to bring our students together after a 2-year pause.  Thank you to all that participated and see you next year!

The Knowledge Bowl was established in 1988 for the purpose of engaging students from all nine middle schools in a challenging academic competition.  

The Kathryn P. Stoklosa Knowledge Bowl is a competition that continues to evolve and become more exciting each year.

Each school team works with 2 coaches and started preparing for this competition in November.  Up until the competition began, teams reviewed practice questions in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, the Arts and Current Events. 


Competition Schedule 


Preliminary Rounds

Date                 Time                 Location

March 7th           5:30 PM            Butler School

  • Stoklosa - 225
  • Pyne Arts - 80
  • Robinson - 160

March 8th             5:30 PM            Butler School

  • Sullivan - 130
  • Bartlett - 105
  • Wang - 300

March 10th         5:30 PM            Butler School

  • STEM Academy - 130
  • Butler -  110
  • Daley - 400

Coaches and team members are asked to report at 5:15 p.m. for each night of the competition.  At the completion of the first three matches, total points for all schools will be calculated.  Schools will then be ranked accordingly and proceed to the semifinals in the following order:

  1. Daley 400
  2. Wang 300
  3. Stoklosa 225
  4. Robinson 160
  5. Sullivan 130*
  6. STEM Academy 130*
  7. Butler 110
  8. Bartlett 105
  9. Pyne 90
*When 2 teams earn the same score, we determine their position by the team that outscored their opponent by the largest amount.  The Sullivan had a 25 point lead over Bartlett on March 8th, the STEM had a 20 point lead over the Butler on March 10th.  Sullivan takes seed 5 and STEM takes seed 6.


Semifinal Rounds

March 14th         5:30 PM            Butler School

  • (1) Daley - 395
  • (5) Sullivan - 155
  • (9) Pyne - 115

March 15th         5:30 PM            Butler School

  • (2) Wang - 345
  • (6) STEM Academy - 220
  • (7) Butler - 120

March 17th         5:30 PM            Butler School

  • (3) Stoklosa - 225
  • (4) Robinson - 340
  • (8) Bartlett - 90

The winning team from each semifinal round will advance to the finals.


Final Round

March 21st        5:30 PM            Butler School

  • (1) Daley - 285
  • (2) Wang - 230
  • (4) Robinson - 225
The finals will be streamed live on Lowell Educational Television's YouTube channel: