***Please save this to refer to throughout the year.***


    Welcome to the C.W. Morey School!  Everyone at the Morey School is very excited to start a new school year with both new faces and familiar ones. 



    The Lowell Public Schools’ Handbook has all of the policies and rules that we follow—please read it!  It is available online at www.lowell.k12.ma.us. The handbook can be found in the “Parents & Students” tab.  Once you have read the handbook please sign the Parent/Guardian Student Signature Page and send it in to school.  If you do not have access to the internet, please call the school and a paper copy will be sent to you.  Here are some important points from the handbook.  You can read more about each in the handbook itself.


    Late to School:  Students are tardy if they arrive at school after 7:45 am.  If a student arrives after 7:45 am he/she MUST report to the office ACCOMPANIED BY A PARENT OR GUARDIAN.  For safety reasons, children are not to be dropped off and sent into the office without an adult.


    Reporting/Excusing Absences:  When your child is going to be absent please call the school at 978-937-7662 by 7:30 am and leave a message on the Absence line.  An absence is excused only if the child is out due to illness, death of a family member, court related or a religious observance, AND a note from the doctor, etc., is sent in with the child when he/she returns. Please send in a note within 2 days explaining the absence or tardiness.  The district sends an automated call for each absence.  The district attendance policy is that 7 or more unexcused absences will result in a referral to the attendance officer which may result in a mandatory court appearance in front of a judge.  This is because students who miss this much school are at a much higher risk of falling behind—including our youngest students!


    Dismissing a Student Early:  If your child needs to be dismissed early, please send a note to school with the reason and time of dismissal.  Children must be picked up in the office and signed out by the person specified on the note with an ID.  We can’t dismiss your child to any adult who isn’t on your child’s emergency form or note.


    Homework:  Homework is mandated by School Committee policy because it is very important that your child practice his/her reading strategies independently every night.  


    Dress Code: Please read the dress code. Students should be in clothing that helps them be safe, comfortable, and ready to learn.



    School Hours:  7:30am – 1:50pm

    School Phone Number:  978-937-7662


    Cafeteria Program:  Breakfast and lunch are available to all students free of charge.  Lunch menus are sent home each month and can also be found on the LPS website under the Parents & Students tab.  In order to receive free lunch, your child must take a complete lunch (consisting of 3 or more food items).    


    Attendance:  Being at school is so important to learning, so strong attendance is a priority at the C.W. Morey School.  We expect every student to be in school and on-time every day.  Please do your best to get your child to school on time every day.  Students who are chronically absent will receive letters throughout the year as well.


    Contact Information:  We must have a way to contact you at all times to keep your child safe and to be able to keep you updated.  An EMERGENCY INFORMATION FORM AND MEDICAL EMERGENCY FORM will be sent home with your child on the first day.  We need at least TWO telephone numbers on these forms in case your child is sick or injured.  Please return forms tomorrow.  If your phone number changes, please make sure that we have your new number immediately.  Please also list other adults that could pick up your child if you are unable to.  Please understand that for your child’s safety, we won’t let anyone pick him/her up if they are not on the emergency form.


    Changes in Dismissal:  We will always send your child home the way you have directed on the emergency form.  If you need to change how your child goes home, you must let us know in writing to the office.  


    Anti-Bullying:  The Morey School uses the Second Step Social Skills curriculum within our classrooms to teach children about anti-bullying. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please contact us right away at (978) 937-7662.


    Fire Drill and Hard Lockdown Practice:  We will practice our emergency procedures with all children the 2nd and 3rd weeks of school.  It is very important that all students and staff know what to do in case of an emergency.  We will continue to practice emergency procedures through the school year and will always let you know when we have practiced a hard lockdown.