• We have many different ways that we will communicate important news to you throughout the year.



    In WritingPlease send in a note for the following things:


    • A change in how your child is going home from school

    • Dismissing your child early

    • To excuse your child’s absence from school

    Class Dojo:  Teachers will invite you to sign up for Class Dojo.  (You don’t need the paid version of the app…the free one works just fine!)  You can see classroom news in the Class Story and school announcements in the School Story threads.  You can also message the teacher or other staff members directly.  Please remember that teachers are with your children all day, so be sure to call the office instead if you need something right away.  We may not see a Dojo message until later in the day.  You can also schedule an appointment with the teacher through Class Dojo.


    Connect Ed Phone Calls, Texts, and Emails:  On the emergency form, please put the phone number and email address that we should send the general messages to.  These messages are important reminders about no school, open house, etc.


    Website:  Lunch Menus, School Calendar, Supply Lists, Staff Directory, General Information, etc.

    Use this QR Code to get to the Website: 


    School Events & Parent Conferences:  Please come when we invite you!  We love to see you at all of our events.