We believe that providing a safe, secure environment is essential. Thus, we have policies and practices to ensure that Washington is a safe, productive place to learn. We pride ourselves on providing a nurturing and caring culture. We try to operate from a positive perspective where we recognize good behavior more than inappropriate. We have created a Discipline Policy based on three principles, we call our Big Three:

    Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Safe

    Teachers work with students to design individual classroom rules based on our Big Three. These principles are embedded in all we do and students are held to these standards in everything they do throughout the day by all staff members.

    If students are unable to adhere to these principles, we have a 4-step system in place to address infractions:

    1. Classroom Plan of Action-All teachers will have a set plan in place to address infractions within the classroom. Students will be supported in making better choices. This plan will be clearly communicated to students and problem-solving strategies will be discussed.
    1. Discipline Referral-If classroom interventions do not solve the problem, a district-mandated Discipline Referral Form will be completed by the attending teacher and will be addressed by Mrs. Cunningham. Part of their interaction will involve the creation of a success plan.
    1. Success Plan-The goal of the success plan is for a student to reflect on their actions and to become a problem solver. It allows them to identify the inappropriate behavior, determine what a better choice might have been, as well as help determine their own consequence. The principal will sign the plan and it will then be sent home along with the Discipline Referral for parents to sign and review with their child.
    1. Parent Meeting-If all other measure fail, parents will be required to meet with staff members to develop a plan of action.


    We believe very strongly that assaulting another person is never the way to solve a problem and thus is unacceptable behavior at school. Students will be made aware of this at the beginning of the year and problem-solving strategies will always be part of our work together. Students that resort to violence will be suspended from school.