• Supply list for Second Grade

    This supply list is for both Mrs. McCoy (Room 102) and Ms. Burns (Room 106). 

    Individual Supplies: All of these items will go in your pencil box.

      • 2 pencils  (Ticonderoga)
      • 1 block eraser
      • box of 24 crayons (no larger boxes please)
      • pencil box (large enough to fit all of the things on this list) The boxes work better than the bags for the kids)
      • 3 highlighters (2 yellow + any color)
      • 1 glue stick


    • 1 box of addition flash cards (big writing on cards is best)



    Supplies for your desk: These will stay in your desk for classroom use 

                                           and will NOT go home.

    • 3 one subject notebooks (wide ruled NOT college ruled) (one is for you to use for fun, 

                                 one is for math, and the other one is for literacy)

    • Headphones
    • optional (use a classroom clipboard or buy your own but it must

                           be 9 X 12, flat, with one clip at the top). We do not

                           want clipboards that can open and store papers on the



         Classroom Supplies: These supplies will be collected  on the first day and used as needed.

    • 3 X 5 white index cards (one side is lined, other side is not)
    • 1 box of 12 pencils (ticonderoga- others break too easily)
    • Clorox wipes
    • Tissues
    • Ziploc bags (gallon size)

    Please do NOT send in binders, markers, colored pencils, or small individual pencil sharpeners.