Homework is an important part of your child’s educational program, as it not only reinforces content taught in school, but also helps them to take responsibility for their learning and to develop strong study habits. Additionally, it is mandated by the Lowell School Committee as follows:

    Grade 1    20-30 minutes per night

    Grade 2    25-45 minutes per night 

    Grade 3    40-60 minutes per night 

    Grade 4    40-60 minutes per night 

    Our approach for homework is as follows:

    1. We are planning to keep homework consistent, so that parents and students alike will know the expectations.
    2. We will not use recess as a means for completing homework assignments as we feel all students need to get out and move.
    3. Reading will be part the homework expectation for all K-4 students. Students will track their reading on a weekly log and will also have weekends to work towards completing their reading. The reading log will be due each Friday during the month and will be part of grades K-4 expected homework.
    4. We will add positive reinforcements for completion of assignments by:
    • Continuing the Individual 100% Homework Club/students that complete all assignments for any given month, including their reading log, will get their name posted on the wall in the main hallway.
    • Continuing Class 100% Homework Reward/the class with the highest percent of homework done each month will win a special treat at the end of the month and will take possession of the Homework Trophy.
    • Students that complete all their homework, including their reading, will be entered to win $10.00 in cash each month.
    • Students that complete every assignment for every month will be invited to a special activity at the end of the year. (last year it was the Incredible Animal Presentation).
    1. We will add an after school Homework Center for students that miss more than 3 assignments in a month. This would be done in cooperation with parents.
    2. We will continue to use the homework agenda books provided to all third and fourth graders. Parents should be able to easily monitor homework assignments.

    Your cooperation as a parent, in monitoring the time your child spends on homework is requested in the interest of improving student performance.

    Please note that homework should reinforce concepts taught in school and should not exceed the times outlined above. If it does exceed the time, please make your child’s teacher aware of it. If your child cannot complete it on his/her own, please let the teacher know as well. If you need support in this area, please contact the school and we will be happy to assist you, as we want all of our students to be successful!