Dr. An Wang Middle School PTO & SSC

  • PTO Administration

    President: Coralie Cote

    Vice President: 

    Secretary: Stacy Dixon

    Treasurer: Tina Novo

    Welcome to Wang PTO & SSC!  The PTO is a combination of parents and teachers working together.  Our goal is to make our school a great place where students thrive!  We meet one evening per month to discuss the needs of our school. The SSC is a smaller committee that focuses on helping the school adjust priorities and make budgetary decisions around the school. Like PTO, it is also a combination of teachers and parents working to make the school better for our students.

    PTO works very hard to raise money to support the school. The money we raise through fundraising goes right back to the students in the form of technology, field trips, sports equipment, spirit wear, after-school activities, scholarships, etc. There are lots of reasons to become a PTO member, in particular helping the students and working to create a better school community.

    The SSC is an elected committee that discusses the financial decisions, budgetary allocations, and staffing decisions at the building. However, even if someone is not an elected member of the SSC, they can still attend the meetings to stay informed. In fact, we have combined our SSC and PTO meetings, so you attend one of them you can actually attend both of them because they are back-to-back!

    The Benefits of Parents Being Involved in Schools:

    Decades of research have shown that when parents are involved in their children’s education, kids are more likely to:

    • Earn better grades
    • Score higher on tests
    • Attend school regularly
    • Have better social skills
    • Show improved behavior
    • Be more positive in their attitude toward school
    • Complete homework assignments
    • Graduate and continue their education 

    School Site Council (SSC)

    Chair: Matt Stahl (Principal)

    Co-Chair: Kellianne Grady (Teacher)

    Voting Members:

    Alison Kuzara (Teacher)

    Jillian Maguire (Teacher)

    Lisa Moisakis (Teacher)

    Tina Novo (Parent)

    Coralie Cote (Parent)

    Matt LeLacheur (Parent)

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