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Mrs. O'Neill

My name is Angie O’Neill.  I am the Math Coach at the Sullivan School.  My role as Math Coach has me working with both teachers and students.  I love helping and challenging students in math.  I am also the advisor of the Sullivan Student Council.
I began my teaching career in the Lowell Public Schools in 2005.  In 2006, I came to the Sullivan where I taught 6th Grade Math and Science.  In 2014, I moved to 7th Grade Math and in 2017 I became the Math Coach.
When not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my family and cheering on the Red Sox, Bruins, and Patriots
  • Weekly Math Challenge

    Each week students can see Mrs. O’Neill for the weekly math challenge problem.  Answers are due by the end of the school day on Friday.  The winner is announced on the Monday morning announcements.  Winners will consist of ONE correct answer from each grade level and/or a creative way of solving the problem.  Every student that participants will earn a “Bee Card”.  All CORRECT participants will earn TWO “Bee Cards

  • Week 9

    Posted by Angela O'Neill on 11/11/2018


    Harvey has a fair eight-sided cube that has a different number from 1 to 8 on each side.  If he rolls this die twice, what is the probability that the second number rolled is greater than or equal to the first number?  Express your answer as a fraction.  SHOW OR EXPLAIN how you got your answer.


    Answer to week 8:

    Using a single 30% off coupon, the cost would be $35.  Using a coupon of 20% off, then 10%, the price would be $36.  She would save $1.00 using the single 30% off coupon.

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  • Week 8

    Posted by Angela O'Neill on 11/4/2018


    Nora went shopping to buy some new school clothes.  At one store Nora bought a $50 dress and used two coupons, one for 20% off and one for 10% off.  How much more would Nora have saved by using a single coupon for 30% off compared to using the 20% coupon and then 10% coupon?  Show or explain how you got your answer.
    Answer to Week 7:
    Lucy typed 980 more words than Ricky
    If Lucy typed x words and Ricky typed y words, then x + y = 1632 and x = 4y
    4y + y =1632                                    y = 326.4 = 326
    5y = 1632                                          4y = 1304
    y = 326.4 = 326                                1304 – 326 = 978
    5(326) = 1306
    Ricky typed 326 words
    Lucy typed 1,306 words (or 1304)
    1306 – 326 = 980 words 
    1304 - 326 = 978 words (depending on rounding, 978 is also correct)
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  • Week 7

    Posted by Angela O'Neill on 10/29/2018


    Lucy typed a list of the words she could type using only her left hand, while Ricky typed a list of all the words he could type using only his right hand.  Their lists had a combined total of 1,632 words, but Lucy’s list contained four times as many words as Ricky’s list.  How many more words did Lucy type than Ricky?  Show or explain how you got your answer. (hint: round to the near whole number, one’s place).

    Answer to Week 6:

    August 13th

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  • Week 6

    Posted by Angela O'Neill on 10/21/2018
    International Left-Handers Day is celebrated each year in August.  If the ratio of the number of days of the month before Left Handers Day to the number of days of the month after it is 2:3, on what date is this special day observed?  You must show or explain how you got your answer to receive credit.
    Answer to Week 5 Challenge:
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  • Week 5

    Posted by Angela O'Neill on 10/15/2018
    I’m thinking of a two-digit number where adding the two digits together will give you of the original two-digit number.  What is the number?
     Answer for Week 4:
    Barbara  Fly
    Bianca  Reelo
    Patty  Wheezie
    Tina - Blaze
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  • Week 4

    Posted by Angela O'Neill on 10/8/2018


    Four Friends, Barbara, Bianca, Patty, and Tina are nicknamed Reelo, Wheezie, Fly, and Blaze—but not necessarily in that order.  Based on the clues below, what is the nickname of each friend?


    a.) Patty can run faster than Reelo but can’t swim as fast as Fly.

    b.) Reelo is a faster swimmer than Tina but can’t run as fast as Wheezie.

    c.) Barbara is faster than both Patty and Blaze but can’t swim as fast as Reelo.



    Week 3 Answer:

    A.) If Anna had 12 dimes and 3 nickels, she would have 15 coins and $1.35

    B.) If Royce had 8 dimes and 2 quarters, he would have $1.30 and he would have 1/4 as many quarters as dimes.


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  • Week 3

    Posted by Mrs. O'Neill on 10/1/2018
    a.) Anna’s mom gave her 15 coins to spend at the book fair. All the coins are nickels
    and dimes. They total $1.35. How many of each coin does Anna have?
    b.) Royce has $1.30 in dimes and quarters to spend at the book fair. He has one-
    fourth as many quarters as dimes. How many of each coin does Royce have?
    Week 2 Winners::
    Josh Gonzalez
    Timmy Prout
    Bryan Romao
    Week 2 Answer:
    52 Blocks
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  • Week 2

    Posted by Anabel DaSilva on 9/24/2018
    A cubical box without a top is 4 cm on each edge. It contains 64 identical 1-cm cubes that exactly fill the box. How many of these small cubes actually touch the box? Show your thinking using pictures, words, or numbers.
    Week 1 
    Timmy Prout
    Answer: 720 possible combinations
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  • Week 1

    Posted by Anabel DaSilva on 9/17/2018

    Krista is setting a password for her cellphone. The password is 6 digits long. She will only use the digits 1 – 6. Krista is not going to repeat any digits in the password. How many password combinations are there for Krista to choose from?

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