Grade 3

  • In Grade 3, students begin to play recorder. They start reading pitch notation and applying it to the recorder. They begin learning about the various elements of music and how to apply them. 

    Third Grade students have one concert during the year. Flyers go home weeks in advance so families can make arrangements to attend if possible.

    Practice materials for our Third Grade Concert can be found below.


    Choose a song from the options below. Sing any part of the song or the whole song. After you practice, take a video of yourself singing your part with the background music and send it to me through my google voice number 781-951-4511.

    This assignment is approximately 15 minutes long. 

    If you would rather send it through another method or have a question, please contact me by email ( or by google voice (781-951-4511) and I will provide an alternative method to do so. 

    Please download the audio files and lyrics so you can complete them. If you have trouble, contact Mrs. Katz.

    Sarika Keo

    • Things to think about: Pay attention to when you start singing each part and remember to sing the song twice


    • Things to think about: Pay attention to which verse you're on and how to pronounce the different words. Don't forget to sing "ahhh" after tet.

     Cajueiro Pequenino

    • Things to think about: Don't forget that the melody changes when you sing "je fulo" and "je amor". 


    • Things to think about: Make sure you sing with good breath support and good dynamics (volume)!