•  School Site Council

    The School Site Council is an advisory body that meets once a month, consisting of school staff, administration, parents, and community members. The School Site Council works together sharing ideas and opinions to assist in the decision making, as well as plan family and community events for the STEM Academy. 


    • Dr. Kimberlee Henry, Principal (Chair)
    • Mrs. Heather Condo, Parent (Co-Chair)
    • Mrs. Amy Scannell-Rogerson, Parent
    • Mr. Mahmood Seddiqy, Parent
    • Mr. Sophorn Meas, Parent
    • Mrs. Monica Lundberg, Parent
    • Ms. Jessica Nucefora, Teacher
    • Mrs. Kristen Crotty, Teacher
    • Ms. Joyce Hennessy, Teacher
    • Mr. Jason Welch, Teacher
    • Mrs. Delmis Sierra, Staff
    • Mrs. Janice Ogden, Staff
    • Ms. Cinamon Blair, Community Partner