Lowell High School Pathways Programs

  • The Lowell High School Pathway Programs are a coherent sequence of academic and pre-career experiences that bridge secondary and postsecondary learning. Pathways blend in-school and out-of-school learning experiences and provide academic and pre-career experiences aligned with regional workforce needs and growing career opportunities. Students within LHS Pathways graduate with either (1) Early College Credit or (2) Career certifications or credentials. 

    Our Pathway Programs provide opportunities for all students and their different abilities, interests and talents. Whether a student is planning to work immediately after high school, or will continue learning by attending a training program, a technical institute, or a college or university, there are courses in our Pathway Programs that are right for every student. 

    Our Pathways continue to evolve alongside the professional world which is always evolving - an evolution that is largely spurred by advances in technology. Despite this, today’s emerging skills are more about emphasizing innately human capabilities than manipulating machines. As such, our Pathways and our Portrait of a graduate seek to develop both under the following guiding principles: 


    1. Equitable Access

    2. Guided Academic Pathways

    3. Robust Student Support

    4. Connections to Career

    5. High-Quality & Deep Partnerships


    At present, we offer the following Pathway Programs: 

    • Air Force Junior ROTC
    • Biotechnology
    • Business: Marketing & Finance
    • Communications
    • Culinary Arts
    • Education
    • Engineering Technology
    • Environmental Science & Technology