• Welcome to Lowell High School's Student Support Services Department

    The Student Support Services Department at the high school is overseen by the Coordinator of Student Support Services, who works in collaboration with Assistant Principals, Department Chairs, Student Support Specialists, the district office, government agencies and local non-profits. The Coordinator of Student Support Services supervises school counselors, social workers and parent liaisons at the high school.

    Our goal is to promote independence, life-long learning, and personal and civic responsibility to all students. While students are the primary focus of the counselors and social workers, positive relationships with families, teachers, and administrators are also fundamental to the success of our department.  Together, we support equity for all learners, embrace diversity, and encourage collaboration in our school and community.

    Any student or family who wishes to meet with their school counselor or school social worker individually should make an appointment in advance by contacting the House Office Clerk Scheduler or School Counselor/Social Worker directly. 

    All school counselors and social workers can be contacted via email or telephone.  Since most of the counselors' and social workers’ time is spent working with students, please allow 24-48 hours to receive a return call or email. 

    The following list is an example of services provided by student support staff for students and their parents:

    • Educational planning and counseling
    • Individual and Group counseling
    • Scheduling new students
    • College and Career planning
    • Information sharing and consultation with parents and teachers
    • Information about and referral to internal and external student support services
    • Information about and referral to special services (Chapter 766 & 504)
    • Participation in “Teacher Assistance Team (TAT)”
    • Assistance with decision making about the implementation of post graduate plans
    • Information about and referral to special programs
    • Translation services for meetings