Lowell High School Pathways Programs

    The Lowell High School Pathway Programs are directly connected to the skills and knowledge students need for post-secondary education and careers in some of the fastest growing professions in the world today. Our Pathway Programs provide opportunities for all students and their different abilities, interests and talents. Whether a student is planning to work immediately after high school, or will continue learning by attending a training program, a technical institute, a college or university, there are courses in our Pathway Programs that are right for every student.


    • Air Force Junior ROTC
    • Business: Finance & Marketing (See Chapter 74 Marketing Program Admissions Policy)
    • Vocational Marketing
    • Civics, Citizenship & Communities
    • Communications
    • Culinary Arts
    • Education
    • Engineering (STEM)
    • Environmental Sustainability (STEM)
    • Health & Bioscience (STEM)
    • Fine Arts

    Our Pathway Programs use an applied, hands-on/minds-on approach to learning that is connected to realworld work experiences. Students in these programs have access to some unique facilities, including: a newly renovated restaurant, the J’eanne D’Arc Credit Union, the 1826 School Store, an in-house television/media center, and state-of-the-art robotics equipment and MakerSpace. We also partner with local employers as we grow our internship/internship programs providing students an opportunity to apply the classroom skills to intern positions in the workplace.


    • Courses tailored to a specific area of study, with a strong poste-secondary and career focus.
    • Teachers with industry experience as well as educational certifications.
    • Skill-building around career trajectories and paths of study.
    • Opportunities for students, parents, teachers and community members to be partners in the educational process.
    • Internships within the community and Dual-Enrollment opportunities with UML and Middlesex Community College.
    • Opportunities for independent learning and research.

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