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Welcome to the Latin Lyceum Program

  • Established in 1999, the Lowell Latin Lyceum is an academically challenging, four-year, college preparatory program within Lowell High School. Students gain admission through an entrance exam, teacher recommendation, entrance application and essay, and their academic transcripts. The Latin Lyceum challenges students in an intellectually stimulating environment that emphasizes instruction through traditional models of a humanistic education, whether directed toward the liberal arts, mathematics, science, or the fine arts.

    Students develop the capacity to think critically using classical works, which allows them, in turn, to assess issues and develop informed opinions. Students learn to acquire information, grasp it intellectually, and use it purposefully. They expand on their ability to speak and write on any subject matter in a persuasive, compelling, and imaginative manner.

    A core curriculum assures competency across a broad spectrum of academic endeavors, developing skills in communication, formal description, analysis, historical antecedents, modern sciences, the arts, and physical well-being.

    All instruction in the Latin Lyceum is delivered at the Honors, High Honors or Advanced Placement level. Students may take college courses in their junior or senior years through the Dual- Enrollment Program, either at the University of Massachusetts Lowell or Middlesex Community College.

    This academically rich and accelerated program prepares students to be strong candidates for admission to the most competitive colleges and universities. It readies them for success in the most challenging undergraduate classrooms. Furthermore, students gain competence in becoming lifelong learners and responsible and responsive leaders in our rapidly changing society.

    Our students come to the Lyceum from a wide gamut of middle schools in Lowell and the surrounding regions, including all eight Lowell Public Schools middle schools, charters, private schools, and parochial schools. All candidates must be Lowell residents, eligible to register in the Lowell Public School District.

    In sum, the Lyceum cultivates classically trained young scholars who are well-rounded, cultured, self-disciplined, cultured, and able to think critically and creatively. The Lyceum:

    • Provides a fully integrated environment.
    • Promotes continuous growth throughout the student’s time at LHS.
    • Promotes cultural and communicational sensitivity.
    • Encourages teachers, students, parents, and families to be partners in the educational process.
    • Teaches to strengthen both academic and social emotional learning.
    • Provides enhanced opportunities for independent learning and research.