• Early College Lowell and Dual Enrollment Procedures (taking courses with college credit)

    The full program is open to students in their junior and senior years.

    All 9th and 10th grade students are eligible to take three one-credit college courses aligned with Freshman Seminar, Freshman English and Sophomore English.

    • Students can obtain the application for the program and discuss the program with the appropriate guidance counselor and the Early College Specialist.
    • Any combination of courses taken at the college and at Lowell High School must total at least an equivalent of 5 full courses during each semester.
    • No more than seven (7) weighted courses are allowed per semester. Students cannot register for an eighth class outside of the seven in their schedule. 
    • Students must adhere to the official add/drop policies established by the college/university. If a student fails to properly withdraw from a course, he or she will receive a failing grade and forfeit future opportunities to participate in the Early College and Dual Enrollment program.
    • Any tuition or other costs required for courses taken at the college, beyond the allotted amount — including textbooks, will be the responsibility of the student.
    • The Head of School will issue a judgment of approval or disapproval based on the best academic interest of the student and the school and in compliance with the requirements for graduation as established by Massachusetts State laws and the policy and regulations of the Lowell School Committee. The Head of School will render the decision within two weeks of receipt of the application.


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