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Return to School Task Force

Dear LPS Community,


We are pleased to inform you about our recently charged Return to School Task Force to begin the process of designing scenario-based planning for the fall that ensures the safety and support of every student and staff member as well as our commitment to academic excellence, equity, and engaging curriculum in the most responsive, efficient way possible.  


Using Department of Health guidelines, DESE recommendations, CDC school safety guidelines and the background and expertise of its participants, the task force will produce plans for three potential scenarios:  


  • Full, in-person instruction, 
  • Hybrid model of partial in-person instruction in buildings with a partial online/independent learning component, and 
  • Remote instruction model with no in-person contact.  


Detailed planning for all three scenarios means that we will still be able to provide the very best instruction to our students no matter how the COVID-19 pandemic evolves over the next 12 months.


In this first phase, the task force is focused on developing a broad strategic framework for each scenario and will submit the initial plans to Superintendent Boyd by June 30, 2020.  Once DESE communicates the plan for the fall,  phase two of our work will begin which will incorporate a broader, cross-section of stakeholders to develop specific plans and strategies for each scenario for the many different programs, content areas, and grade levels that we serve; we must be ready to implement any one of the scenarios.


The school school principals asked  to convene the group and meet with members to set parameters are:

  • Dr. Kate McLaughlin, Morey Principal, Convener of the Return to School Task Force
  • Ms. Wendy Crocker-Roberge, Pyne Arts Principal, Full In-Person Subgroup Leader
  • Mr. Liam Skinner, Daley Principal, Hybrid Subgroup Leader
  • Dr. Matt Stahl, Wang Principal, Remote Learning Leader 


The initial K-8 working groups have the following make-up: 

  • 2 parents (1 representing elementary and 1 representing middle school--although 5 of the 6 parents have students in both)
  • 2 elementary teachers (1 early childhood and 1 upper elementary)
  • 2 middle school teachers (comprising of different grade levels and subjects)
  • 1 curriculum coordinator
  • 1 instructional technology specialist
  • 1 special education administrator
  • 1 position dependent on the group needs (an assistant principal on the in-person, a special education teacher on the hybrid, and an elementary principal on the remote learning)




LHS is forming a working group, including the Career Academy and the LeBlanc, to complete scenario plans for all three; the HS working group will also coordinate with the K-8 groups and the advisory group.


The K-8 Task Force Working Groups are comprised of:

Return to School Task Force



Kate McLaughlin (Morey)


Subgroup Leaders

Wendy Crocker-Roberge (Pyne Arts)

Liam Skinner (Daley)

Matt Stahl (Wang)

Full In-Person




Jeff Pickette

Ann Whitney

Katie Mahoney


Elementary Parents

Meredith Kay (Bailey, Daley)

Vuoch Sabandith (Reilly, Sullivan)

Zeilika Henry (Murkland)

Middle School Parents

Maria Perez (McAuliffe, Robinson)

Beth Gaspar (Lincoln, Daley)

Nancy Gomez (Laura Lee, Washington)

Elementary Teachers

Haley King Gr. 3 (McAuliffe)

Lisa Hogan PreK (Cardinal)

Susan Uvanni Gr. 2 (UTL Elem. VP)

Elementary Teachers

Kerryann Coppinger Kindergarten (Shaughnessy)

Tricia Pappathan (Moody) Gr. 3

Beth Welch Kindergarten (Reilly)

Middle School Teachers

Molly Kelley-Muon Gr. 5 Math/Science (UTL Middle School VP)

Rachel Crawford Music (Bartlett)

Cheryl Pollard (Stoklosa) Gr. 5 SS/ELA

Middle School Teachers

Karen Rothschild or Anabel DaSilva Gr. 7 (Sullivan)

Christina Pappalardo Gr. 7 Math (Butler)

Kerien Driscoll MRT (STEM Academy)


Jeff Gwaizda Mathematics Coordinator

Melissa Newell ELA Coordinator

Elaine Santelmann

Specialized Curriculum

Christine Adams

(Adie Day)

Mike Lovato Special Education Director

Donna Maluccio Asst. Special Education Director


Art Santos

Vero Roberts

Kara Wilkins

Subgroup Specific Need

Carl DeRubeis Asst. Principal (Robinson)

Colleen Parrington Special Education Teacher (Washington)

David Anderson Principal (McAuliffe)


As a result, all schools are represented directly on the working subgroups or the advisory group, either with an administrator, teacher, or parent.  We also recognize that there are many people who are needed to do the work well, but would not be able to serve on all three subgroups.  As a result, we created an advisory panel to the task force.  They include:




Jim Hall



Rick Underwood (District Level)

Dennis Ferreira (MS School)

Paul St. Cyr (District Manager)



John Descoteaux



Heather Ganley (Attendance)

Lyndsey Killilea (SEL)

Rosa Segarra-Morales (Student Support)

Shelby Boisvert (Guidance/LSAA)


Kerry Kearns



Nurse Managers (Beth Moffett & School Nurse Supervisors)


Accountability/ Grading

Abbie Anderson


Food Service

Sharon Lagasse



KC Nelson

Matt McLean (PMES)


Support Personnel

Gen Parasole (Clerks)

Brenda King (Para Chair)

Mike Sheehan (Custodians)


Specialized Programming

Phala Chea (ESL)

Lisa Van Thiel (ECE)

Carolyn Rocheleau (Special Programs)


Safety/Crisis Planning

Ingrid Markman (District Level)

Kristin Kirby (Greenhalge)

Jason McCrevan (Washington)



Ginger Coleman (Lincoln)

Peter Holtz (Bartlett)

Mike Domina (McAvinnue)



As each scenario plan is developed, the task force members will also rely on expertise outside the group.  We value the many different roles and positions throughout the district and encourage you to reach out to your representatives to share your perspectives during Phase I.  We also are relying on your help during Phase II in providing more specific ideas during the refinement process.  


The subgroups are already hard at work and we are appreciative of the extensive time that the participants are dedicating to this important work.  We look forward to sharing reports of progress with the School Committee and all of you over the next few months.