• Welcome to the Lowell High School Science and Health Department

    The Lowell High School Vision of Science Learning and Teaching

    Students learn when they are personally invested and engaged, and there is arguably no more engaging subject than science!

    Students actively participate in learning when they understand the relevance of a lesson, regularly communicate their thinking, reflect on their experience, and apply content knowledge, inquiry skills and engineering design to the world around them.

    Facilitating learning requires knowledgeable teachers who use a variety of instructional methods and standards-based assessments to differentiate instruction.

    Teachers continually encourage students to reach their full potential, and have—and appropriately use—time and resources to maximize opportunities for student intellectual growth and inquiry.

    At Lowell High School, we believe all students can meet or exceed Massachusetts’ standards in science to develop critical understandings necessary for participatory citizenship in our scientific and technological society.

    • Each student is required to pass 10 credits in Science as a graduation requirement. College bound students are strongly urged to take Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
    • In addition to local graduation requirements, Massachusetts requires students to pass state generated MCAS tests, as a condition for receiving a high school diploma. Successful completion of a Science MCAS test is a graduation requirement. Freshman and sophomore courses will follow the Massachusetts Learning Standards in preparation for the MCAS test

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