Student Ambassador Program

  • Mission Statement: 

    At Lowell High School, our Student Ambassadors act as mentors, facilitators, and a friendly support network for students new to our school community. The Ambassadors consist of a select group of sophomores, juniors, and seniors who apply to be a part of the program and can commit fully to our meetings and event schedule. Student ambassadors have an opportunity to gain professional and life skills that will positively impact the Lowell High community and transfer to post-high school experiences. 

    Self-development for Student Ambassadors include:

    • Attend training sessions. 
    • Attend meetings during Flex Block once per quarter. 
    • Check-in with their assigned new students weekly. 
    • Provide tours for prospective families during the 8th grade Open House. 
    • Participate in ninth-grade orientation the day before school starts. 
    • Participate in campus events: (Curriculum Night, Parent/Teacher Conferences). 
    • Plan activities or Flex Blocks to help new students acclimate to Lowell High School.
    • Ambassadors will have check-ins periodically with Ambassador program administration to assess data, share concerns, and have group consultations on varying student concerns.  

    Student Ambassadors' duties include:

    • Assisting students to find classrooms, lockers, and major areas of high school.
    • Teaching them how to navigate lunch.
    • Answering questions about activities, classes, building facilities, and school rules.
    • Positively representing the LHS student body.
    • Improving the environment of the school visually through educational bulletin boards which are geared to SEL. 
    • Working with School Counselors and tutoring students when needed. 

    Application Process

    • As school leaders, LHS Ambassadors must remain in good standing to remain in the program (academics, behavior, attendance). Expectations and tentative activities are subject to modification by our Ambassador Program Advisor and administration based on the needs of Lowell High School. 


    Qualities of a Student Ambassador: 

    • Relatable. Students who represent the entire student body. Relatability is important because the student’s unique story, personality, and interests will hopefully create a genuine and authentic student ambassador culture.
    • Multilingual and multicultural. 
    • Transfer students. Students who may have been transfer students themselves can understand what it is like for the new student.  
    • Students who are eager to help out, comfortable with answering questions, and have interpersonal skills.
    • Students who are involved in an extracurricular activity, sports, or have friends who are involved in the school. This knowledge will be important to provide insight and experience to new students who inquire about getting involved. 
    • Student leaders or students who are looking to develop leadership skills.
    • Maybe students who have yet to be very involved, but are looking for ways to be connected and want to help out and develop these skills.  
    • Students who are doing well in school. They don’t have to be the top achieving students but maybe someone who has demonstrated improvement and could serve as a good role model for a new student.


    For more information please contact Student Support Services at 978-937-8911