The Mission Statement of Lowell High School

  • Lowell High School is a teaching and learning community that strives to INSPIRE, EDUCATE and PREPARE our students for the 21st century by focusing on:

    Empathy, Global Perspective, and Civic Engagement

    • Cross-Cultural Awareness and Proficiency
    • Personal, Social, and Civic Responsibility in a Multicultural Society
    • Understanding of Community and Global Society

    Critical and Inventive Thinking

    • Critical Reasoning and Problem Solving
    • Agility, Adaptability, and Risk-Taking
    • Joy, Curiosity, and Imagination
    • Motivation and Creativity
    • Curating Knowledge

    Communication and Collaboration

    • Oral and Written Communication
    • Effective, Active Listening
    • Media Literacy
    • Digital Competence and Citizenship
    • Evaluation and Interpretation of Data and Information
    • Teamwork and Interpersonal Skills

    Career Preparation and Life Skills

    • Executive and Organizational Skills
    • Competency in Learning Standards and Skills
    • Vocational Opportunities and Certifications

    Holistic Awareness

    • Self-Advocacy, perseverance, and resilience
    • Wellness
    • Connection to the Natural World
    • Kindness