The Daniel P. Kane Courtyard Restaurant

  • In order to create an atmosphere most like a true restaurant setting, the students are broken into two groups. One group maintains the dining room of The Daniel P. Kane Courtyard Restaurant  with guidance from the dining room instructor on the days open to the public. On the days the restaurant is not open this group is responsible for the bakery production in the bake shop under the supervision of the pastry chef instructor. The other group operates the kitchen under the direction of the chef instructor.  These two groups rotate every two weeks, thus allowing the students exposure to all phases of the restaurant.   This also helps emphasize the importance of teamwork in the Food Service/Hospitality Industry.   Due to space constraints and restaurant layout, the number of students is limited.   In order to ensure safety, each area must be supervised.

    This is a self-supported program.  The instructors' salaries are the only city incurred expense.  In order for the program to survive we must generate enough revenue for it to continue.  Our students are aware of the concept; thus each one puts forth his/her best effort.  We extend our gratitude to our customers for they are our true support system.  They are largely responsible for the success of this program for the past twenty five years.