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    The hospitality industry is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world. This Academy is open to sophomore, junior, and senior students. It is ideally a three-year program that can be tailored to one or two years on an individual basis. This Academy is quite unique in its offerings. Not only does it offer a rigorous academic curriculum, but it also provides “hands-on” training in a student-operated restaurant. Students are exposed to different baking techniques, different cooking techniques, a variety of table services, and customer relations. This Academy provides a professional environment so students will culminate a basic, well-rounded education in Culinary Arts. All students complete the program with a portfolio and enough experience to secure an entry-level position within the Food Service and/or Hospitality Industry, although many choose to further their careers via higher education.

    Those responsible for the "2001and 2003 Alumni Showcases" are proof of the program's success. Other successful alumni are engaged in military careers, or in pursuit of higher education. Most have established careers within the Food Service/ Hospitality Industries.  Because these industries are the most lucrative in the world, our graduates have a marketable skill, which ensures them a job.  Gratification is obtained by sharing their success.