Mission Statements

  • Lowell High School Alumni Association:

    The mission of the Lowell High School Alumni Association is to help its members to connect with each other; to engage with the school and the community, and to inspire future generations of Lowell High School students by way of mentoring, advising and tutoring.

    Lowell High School:

    Lowell High School has a commitment to excellence in everything we do: academics, activities   and citizenship. We provide a secure and cooperative environment where the emphasis is on mutual respect, curiosity, the free exchange of ideas, and the appreciation of education both as a process and a means to betterment.

    Project LEARN:

    Project LEARN’s mission is to foster the advancement of the Lowell Public Schools (LPS) by increasing revenue streams and other resources to the school district. Founded by the local business community, Project LEARN aims to create a culture of engagement and philanthropy for alumni, friends, donors and others to support LPS by cultivating long-lasting relationships to secure financial support to help make Lowell a model of excellence in urban education.