• Career and Goal Mentoring:

    Our Alumni Mentoring Program allows our alumni to share their knowledge with a student(s) relevant to work, career, and/or professional development. The alumni mentor meets regularly with a Lowell High School student(s) at their place of work or at Lowell High School.

    Community Role Models:

    Our Alumni Access program keeps our alums involved in the schools, the city and the community.  Alums will be able to provide, tutoring, guest lecturing, internships and scholarships to LHS students. We will also create volunteer opportunities for alums in Lowell’s pre-k through 8 schools.               

    College and Career Advising:

    Our Alumni Advising Program allows LHS alumni to provide on-site college and career advice to students interested in the alums chosen field and/or alma mater. Students can learn from the interests and career choices of alums as well as receive guidance in how to pursue a career.


    If you are interested in giving back financially, we encourage you to start or add to a scholarship fund for Lowell High School students. Scholarships can be created by an individual or a group (i.e. the Ms. Jane Smith scholarship fund, or the Class of 1967 Scholarship Fund). For more information about scholarships, see the Contact Us area.

    CORI Form:

    In order to volunteer in the Lowell Public Schools, all volunteers need to fill out and submit a CORI form. For your convenience, we have attached a CORI form here.