Considering Your Options for 2020-2021

  • The Lowell Public Schools reopening plan is about safely maximizing options for families. LPS will offer a remote learning option, as well as an in-person option as long as health data continue to support physically being in our buildings. This report will help provide families with the information necessary to make this decision. As you consider your options for the start of the school year, please keep the following in mind:


    • Every student will be able to participate in remote learning. There is no limit on remote learning enrollment. However, due to following strict social distancing guidelines, typical school capacity for in-person learning will be reduced. Therefore, not every student will be able to attend school on campus. If more students sign up for attending in-person than the number of seats available, we will have a lottery to determine who will be able to attend school on campus. 


    • We are encouraging students to walk or drive to school rather than take a school bus, in order to maximize safety and minimize exposure to other students on the way to and from school each day. School bus transportation will be available for those with no other means of getting to school. 


    • Your decision for the 2020-2021 school year will not impact your child’s school placement in future school years. Your child will still have the seat at the school they were attending in 2019-2020, or in the case of an elementary student transitioning to middle school, a seat at the middle school into which they were going to feed.  

    Some other considerations to help you make the best decision for your child and your family:


    • What are your child’s individual learning needs? Can those needs be met in either an in-person or remote environment?  


    • Will your child have adult supervision during the day to support the remote learning process or will your child be in need of childcare?


    • Will you need bus transportation to school in order to attend in-person? Bus capacity will be limited and students will not be guaranteed transportation. Families may need to be responsible for transporting their own children to school each day. 


    • Are there any health concerns for your child or members of your members of your immediate household?