About Us

  • Mission Statement

    The Lowell Public School Family Leadership Institute (LPS FLI) mission is to provide parents of LPS FREE trainings, workshops, classes, and programming to enhance engagement, empowerment, and upliftment to amplify advocacy and partnership with schools for their children. The Institute will help provide education for personal growth, economic opportunities and positively contribute to children’s academic and social-emotional success for the families of the LPS community.


    Vision Statement

    Our vision is to strengthen and encourage parents to become leaders of their communities by helping build confidence and providing access to resources and fostering partnerships with multiple community groups.


    Our Values

    LPS FLI values are the integrity of all parents, teachers, students, and personnel involved with the Institute. We will provide an honest, transparent, productive learning environment that fosters teamwork and promotes accountability.



    • Expand the Districts multi-generation, family literacy initiative through the development and facilitation of workshops and family learning events on the topics of U.S./ Lowell Education System, college and career readiness.

    • To increase parental engagement and to contribute to the academic and social emotional success of our school children.

    • Support parents in navigating the education process to build social capital.

    • Empower and engage parents through education to support and strengthen families .

    • Establish a partnership with a Post-Secondary Institution to formalize a Family leadership pathway for families.

    • Implement a college and career focused family leadership strand within the Institute with a special focus on Hispanic Students Success

    •  Improve collaboration between schools and families




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