• ELPAC Quarterly Meeting #3 will be held on 3/28/24 at Lowell Adult Education from 11AM-12PM and at Moody Elementary School from 6PM to 7PM. Families are encouraged to attend one session or the other and should please complete this survey prior to attending: https://forms.gle/rfTxnQB6Ug1BmtaAA 


  • Our Mission

    To provide families with the knowledge and skills to partner with schools and communities to ensure their children achieve their full potential. Communication at all academic levels and making information accessible is crucial to the success of LPS students.


    Our Vision

    A safe, inclusive and welcoming environment that recognizes the knowledge that every family holds, affirming and empowering families to navigate education resources, network among communities and advocate on behalf of the success of LPS students.


    Our Values

    To meet and engage families where they are with dignity, respect and a commitment to a culture that strengthens, transforms and includes all LPS students from birth to PhD and/or Career.