• Starting off:

    • Contact MTRS and inform them of your intention to retire in order to estimate your benefit, discuss buyback opportunities, eligible years of service or anything else available to you. MTRS can be reached at (617) 679-6877.

      • This process can take a couple of months and should be initiated at least 18 months prior to your retirement date.

    • Once you have determined your date of retirement please notify the Retirement Team and your Principal via email and submit an official letter to Human Resources as soon as possible.

    • You will also need to contact Mary Callery at City Hall to set up a meeting. Mary can be reached at (978) 674-4105.

    Retirement Application

    • The MTRS Retirement Application is available here.

    • Part One (pages 1 – 10) along with Section 1 in Part Two must be completed by you.

    • Please submit Part Two of the application to Human Resources along with the Service Verification Questionnaire. This questionnaire will assist the Payroll Department in accurately calculating your service and compensation.

    • Please be sure to submit the application to Central Office as soon as possible as it could take a few weeks to process on our end.

    Application Submission

    • You are responsible for submitting the original “wet signature” application to MTRS along with any required supporting documentation (ie: Employment Contract, etc.). The original application should be submitted 6 months prior to your intended retirement date.

    • Within 3 to 4 months you should receive the NERB (Notice of Estimated Retirement Benefit).

    Helpful Hints

    Initial contact along with questions and comments within the LPS system should always be directed to the Retirement Team at retirementmail@lowell.k12.ma.us to ensure delivery.

Supporting Documents