Community Resource Guide

  • The Student Support Department's Community Resource Guide is designed to assist students, parents and school personnel in easily locating and accessing resources that are available in and around Lowell. 

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    The list of community programs contained in our Resource guide is not meant to constitute a referral or recommendation of any specific program; nor should it be considered a complete or exhaustive list of the community resources programs or providers in the local Lowell area. Furthermore, although the Lowell Public Schools makes an effort to ensure that the listings contained within the Resource Guide are accurate and up-to-date, it makes no guarantees that the posted information has not changed. 

    The intent behind the listing on this website is to provide convenient information; but in no way constitutes an endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by the Lowell Public Schools or City of Lowell of any particular provider or program(s) listed. The Lowell Public Schools does not inspect or visit the programs or providers and makes no statements as to the quality of the supervision your child would receive in any one program or with any one provider. The choice of your child’s care is your responsibility; therefore, we strongly suggest you learn more about the licensing history and service information of the programs and providers by visiting each program or provider.

    Please note that if you would like to have your licensed community resource program/provider added to our Resource Guide, or want to provide updates to the Resource Guide, please contact Heather Ganley, Supervisor of Attendance at