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    Today’s foodie culture has resulted in an expanding palate among students of all ages. Here at LPS Food and Nutrition services, we aim to provide nutritious meals and snacks that students love, in accordance with USDA guidelines. Breakfast and lunch are available free of charge to ALL students enrolled at each of the schools in the district. 

    LPS Food and Nutrition team has responded to our students' growing preferences with the addition of Executive Chef Michael Emmons to our team. 

    Chef Michael along with Chef Manager Anthony and Food Service Manager Maggie, have developed new recipes with feedback from students attending LPS summer school programs, student committee meetings, and during school cafeteria taste tests. 

    Our food services team is made up of dedicated, passionate and friendly staff members committed to meet the demands of serving healthy, tasty meals that students will enjoy. 

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    Alysia Spooner-Gomez,RD

    General Manager Food and Nutrition 

    E-Mail: aspooner-gomez@lowell.k12.ma.us

    Phone: 978-674-2049


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