Key Elements

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    Overarching Goal Areas:

    • Improve academic achievement at every LPS school site.
    • Improve operational efficiency across LPS.
    • Ensure that every LPS school enjoys a safe and welcoming culture.
    • Increase LPS community engagement and empower families as partners.


    Key Elements: Core Beliefs, Fundamental Commitments, Strategy and Strategic Priorities:

    Core Beliefs:

    • A high-quality education is a fundamental civil right of every child.
    • Teaching and Learning is the core of work.  
    • Families are and students’ first teachers.
    • Sustainable school improvement requires hard and steady work over time.
    • Every adult in the system is accountable for the success of all students; the entire community is responsible for their success.

    Fundamental Commitments: 

    • Eliminate the racial, ethnic and linguistic achievement and opportunity gaps among all students.
    • Provide equitable funding and resources among the district’s diverse schools.
    • Engage all families with courtesy, dignity, respect and cultural understanding.


    • Employing differentiated levels of autonomy. 
    • Implementing systemic and instructional alignment.
    • Empowering students and families through choice.
    • Ensuring reciprocal accountability by all stakeholders.

    Strategic Priorities: 

    • Increasing access to early learning opportunities. 
    • Increasing access to high-performing seats.
    • Aligning secondary programming with post-secondary opportunities.
    • Leveraging the rich diversity of the Lowell community to serve the interests of LPS students.


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